New Apple releases by Sarah

With the Apple Spring event coming up, what new items could we see being released?

Picture6According to MacRumors, Apple will be releasing some new products at the Apple Spring Event. After the iPhone SE was released last year on March 21st, there are a number of possibilities for new items ranging from iPad mini Pros, to a new colour for the iPhone.

One possibility is a new iPhone SE; this comes after the original phone was released last year. Does this mean we could see a phone similar to the iPhone 7 (or even the iPhone 8) in an iPhone 5's body?

Picture7Another possibility is a new iPad Pro. Apple's high end tablet is almost 2-years old and is due an update. Another tablet that hasn't been redeveloped for 2 years is the iPad mini. Source from MacWorld say that the iPad mini 5 could be released between around this date. If it happens to be a new iPad mini anonymous sources say instead of the iPad mini 5 it could be called the iPad mini pro. This new iPad mini could be protected with an aluminium 7000 series cover. The same body protection was used in the iPhone 6 to make it more durable and thinner. A fingerprint scanner remains a possibility like earlier models.