All Oscar Award Winners Deserve Attention by Eszter Novak

Oscar winners get honoured since they all have achieved something unique in the world of movies. So when the winners are announced, why should some be left out? Categories such as the Best Documentaries or Short Films are less likely to be promoted, although they are just as important as the others.

A strong example of this is the Best Foreign-Language short film of 2017. The Hungarian short movie "Sing" ("Mindenki") demonstrates the power of solidarity whilst beating oppression in the society of childhood. This also refers to kids who get bullied to tell someone, because together they can do something to stop it happening. This is a message which should not be lost!

However, this important message is not as shared as it should be (as an Oscar winner). This is because these Oscars were cut from television coverage, which is where most people find out whom the winners are.

The main point is that every Oscar winner deserves the same amount of attention and promotion, even if it is in a smaller category.