Emotions and stress on children after Brexit – Cosmin – Year 9

Young people in the UK have inevitably been affected after the Leave vote, shown in their behaviour at school and home. Teachers report that children keep asking questions about the leaving, and are worried about their life in the UK.

Children thrive and are successful when they feel secure. Many of those who come from different countries, and don't feel secure as they live in a constant fear that Brexit will have a huge impact on their future.

Last year’s referendum decision has led to fear and racism for some children, which could have a negative impact on their future.

On a more optimistic note Fiona Pienaar, from children's mental health charity ' Place2Be' informs parents that they should answer their questions, not with very much information but enough to understand what they want to know, and to escape from their constant fear.

Speaking to students at Hatch End High School, Eidi from Year 11 says ' After Brexit more young people had been encouraged to talk about politics because of how much teachers and the government have decided to integrate our generation into the national debate on Brexit.

Miss Brown, a teacher at Hatch End High School, said ‘There has certainly been an awareness of the impact of things like 'Brexit' and 'Trumps travel ban' for example. Students are talking about it and some are really anxious about what his means for their future.’