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Yanbo Zhao

Yanbo Zhao


Destination: University of Bristol

Subject: Civil Engineering

Date of Leaving Hatch End High School: July 2013


I left Hatch End High School in July 2013 with A*AAA in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry, and I will be going to Bristol University to study Civil Engineering in September 2014.

I am currently on a placement provided by a scheme called the Year in Industry. I am working for an engineering company called Torin Sifan which specialises in making industrial blowers and motors. My main job is to test blowers by using special equipment and analysing test data to ensure that not only the performance satisfies the customer, but also the energy efficiency is compliant with EU regulations. I find the Year In Industry scheme very useful as it provides me with essential practical experience before I go on to university, and it also shows me the importance of having a good degree and knowledge when working in a technology focused company.

I took a gap year after leaving Hatch End High School doing a placement in an engineering company. I then transferred to study Economics and Accounting after two years in Civil Engineering, both at Bristol University.

I am much happier with my course and just life in general. So, the advice from me would be: think carefully about what you want to do at university. Do some research, and ask friends and family who do the course you might be interested in.

It does not even have to be anything related to the A levels you are currently studying. Speaking from experience, it is not fun doing something you do not enjoy for 3 years of your life!

I will strongly advise anyone who intends to study an engineering or a science degree and is thinking about taking a gap year to look into the Year in Industry scheme, but make sure you apply as early as possible as there will be more opportunities available. Also, just to remind you, it is very competitive!!