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Bavine Baichande

Bavine Baichande


Destination: University of Hertfordshire

Subject: Psychology

Date of Leaving Hatch End High School: July 2013



I am currently a second year BSc Psychology student at the University of Hertfordshire. It was not till the end of Year 10 when I realised that I was highly interested in how individuals behave in the everyday world; and so choosing Psychology as an option for one of my 6th form choices at Hatch End allowed me to combine the most complex machine on earth (the human mind) with behaviour. With great teaching faculties, the 6th form provided excellent resources to help me understand the subjects. This included further support for those that require it, to teaching effective revision techniques.

It is true that there are many differences between 6th form and university; however, the 6th form remains the base root of my further studies and future career. I remember being awarded as one of the individuals who got most involved in helping out the school, from which I strengthen many personal skills e.g. communication. With reference to this, a message that I would like to add is that hard work and the skills gained will eventually pay off and that help will always be provided to those that need it at the 6th form.