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Ketan Gopal

Ketan Gopal


Destination: University of Hertfordshire

Subject: Finance and Economics

Date of Leaving Hatch End High School: July 2013



After studying Maths, Business Studies and IT as my A Levels at Hatch End High School, I studied Finance and Economics at the University of Hertfordshire. In my opinion what I learnt most at university was my ability to manage my workload and part time job efficiently, and to work independently by assessing my own situation. These skills are vital and will be needed no matter what career path you may choose. There are plenty of activities and work experience to get involved in, which I highly recommend since employers want to see an all-rounded person. I graduated with a 1st class degree and have since then spent two years at Ernst & Young as an Auditor. I will complete my ACA chartered accountant qualification in the next 3 months. I have recently been involved in some recruitment events for apprenticeships programs we offer.

My biggest advice to any prospective university student is to focus on more than just your studies, expose yourself to different scenarios, everything you do from now will all count!


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