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GCSE Exam Boards and Codes 2017 - 2018

Subject Board Code
Art AQA 8201
Art - Photography AQA 8206
Business Studies Edexcel 2BS01
Citizenship (Full Course) Edexcel 1CS0
Computer Science OCR J276B
Drama Edexcel 8261
English Language AQA 8700
English Literature AQA 8702
Food and Nutrition Eduqas C560P1
French AQA 8658
Geography Edexcel 1GA0
German AQA 8668
History Edexcel 1HI0
Maths Edexcel 1MA1
Further Maths AQA 8360
Media Studies WJEC 4391
Music Edexcel 1MU0
Physical Education AQA 8582
Product Design AQA 4557
RS (Full Course) Eduqas C120P3
Science - Biology Edexcel 1BI0
Science - Chemistry Edexcel 1CH0
Science - Physics  Edexcel 1PH0
Science - Combined Edexcel 1SC0
Sociology AQA 4192
Spanish AQA 8698

AS/A2 Level Exam Boards and Codes 2017 - 2018

Subject Level Board Cash In
Art and Design AS AQA 7241
  A2 AQA 7201
Art - Photography AS AQA 7246
  A2 AQA 7206
Biology AS OCR H020
  A2 OCR H420
Business Studies AS Edexcel 8BS0
  A2 Edexcel 9BS0
Chemistry AS Edexcel 8CH0
  A2 Edexcel 9CH0
Economics AS Edexcel 8EC0
  A2 Edexcel 9EC0
English Literature AS AQA 7716AA
  A2 AQA 7717AB
English Literature and Language AS OCR H074
  A2 OCR H474
French AS AQA 7652
  A2 n/a n/a
Further Maths AS Edexcel 8MF0
  A2 Edexcel 9372
Geography AS AQA 7036
  A2 AQA 7037
German AS AQA 7661
  A2 AQA 7662
Government + Politics AS Edexcel 8GP01
  A2 Edexcel 9GP01
History AS OCR H105
  A2 OCR H505
Maths AS Edexcel 8MA0
  A2 Edexcel 9371
Media Studies AS Eduqas B680QS
  A2 AQA 2571
Physics AS Edexcel 8PH0
  A2 Edexcel 9PH0
Product Design AS Eduqas B602QS
  A2 WJEC 3111
Psychology AS AQA 7181
  A2 AQA 7182
Religious Studies AS OCR H173A
  A2 OCR H573A
Sociology AS AQA 7191
  A2 AQA 7192
Spanish AS n/a n/a
  A2 AQA 7692


Course Course Information Sheet
BTEC National Extended Diploma in Applied Science (equivalent to 3 ‘A’ Levels) Information Sheet
BTEC National Extended Diploma in Business Studies (equivalent to 3 'A' Levels) Information Sheet
BTEC National Extended Diploma in Information Technology  (equivalent to 3 'A' Levels) Information Sheet
BTEC National Extended Certificate in Performing Arts (equivalent to 1 'A' Level) Information Sheet