Year 7 & 8 Enrichment II ... well underway

Posted on: 17/03/2017

School clubs, teams and societies have always been a part of school life if you want to do something outside of your lesson time! The provision and regard for enrichment activities is of great importance nowadays for young people. Schools continue to search for opportunities that are accessible by every student. This year we have been able to introduce the Enrichment lesson on the timetable, once a fortnight, for the Lower School. This has been to encourage that over the year all pupils have tried out three new activities. Not only does it further their skills in the activity but it adds further dimension to the recreational and social aspect of life at Hatch End.

There is an extensive range of activities on this the second rotation including, Tap Dance, Story Telling, Super Sleuths, The Power of Sport, Board Games, Healthy Lifestyle, Gaelic Football, Making Mandalas, Paper Craft, Calligraphy, British Sign Language, Table Tennis, Juggling and Music Technology.

Thanks to all the Vertical Tutor Team for their enthusiasm and commitment to offering our student something a little bit different this year.

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