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A Journey Through London's Diverse Past

Posted on: 08/01/2018

KS5 Geography students visited the Museum of London to help support their studies. Students were able to explore the galleries, travelling through both time and space to explore the city of London. We started our journey by experiencing the riverside settlement of the Stone Age, the triumphs and tribulations of Roman Londinium, followed by the destitute and dark times of Medieval London. As geographers, we were looking at how the history and landscapes have shaped the London we know and live in today. Bringing us into the 20th century to experience the industrious heart of the Victorian Empire to the glitz and glamour or the roaring 20s.

We were fortunate enough to spend some time in the museum’s latest creation entitled ‘The City is Ours’. This sits at the heart of City Now City Future, a year-long season of exhibitions, creative commissions, large-scale public events, talks and debates that will tackle the questions:

• How and why are our cities transforming?

• What are urban communities around the world doing to improve city life?

• How can you participate in shaping your cities today and in the future?

The City is Ours invites visitors and geographers to explore the pleasures and challenges of urban living through a range of digital and physical interactives and films. The exhibition highlights ways in which individuals, communities and governments are working to improve city life, from reducing food waste, to creating cleaner air and better transport systems.

We will now be using our experiences and knowledge obtained from the visit in our upcoming AS and A2 examinations.

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