Year 7's Experience VR

Posted on: 06/11/2018

On Thursday 26 September all Year 7s had a Virtual Reality Experience workshop about space and the planets in the Solar System. Upon entering the room and taking a seat, we were asked not to touch any of the VR goggles. Brian, who specialises in VR workshops, told us that we would be watching a video about one of the planets and then be answering some questions about it, in order to earn points for our teams. Once we put on the goggles, there was a loading screen which instructed us - ‘Please Wait’. Then suddenly, the screen changed - it was astonishing - we were the eyes of an animated astronaut taking off into the many wonders of space!

The first planet we flew to was Mercury - it was a big, firey planet. Afterwards we answered questions, before moving on to Venus, Mars and Jupiter. One of the questions was, “How hot is Mercury?” After answering all the questions, it was a draw between the two teams. We thanked Brian and left, amazed by the workshop.

Xavier Choudhry - Year 7

Year 7 had a Virtual Reality Experience workshop on the topic of space and its wonderful planets. Brian (the VR specialist) explained how the goggles worked and it was like we were in a ship and then we went on a rollercoaster ride. Brian split the class into two teams.

We went to different planets and were told information about each one. The team points ended in a draw.

It was an amazing experience and I had a great time finding and locating the wonders of this universe.

Jai Sambrani - Year 7

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