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When and why might we be closed?

The school of course may be shut at any time owing to an emergency, for example: an electricity, heating or water failure which would mean staying open would breach Health and Safety requirements.

Of course, at present the majority of school closures are in relation to the national COVID restrictions. With respect to COVID, the government in its guidance, sets out regular updates to it's contingency planning.

Its assumption is that schools will stay open for all students unless directed otherwise by the DfE, the LA, PHE, or the Regional Schools Commissioner. 

If they declared schools to be in contingency situations, schools would only open for all children from Years 11 and 13, and vulnerable students, as well as children of key workers only in other year groups.

All other students would be taught remotely. 

As you are aware, as from Tuesday 5th January, the Government closed schools in England for all students except vulnerable students, EHCP as well as children of key workers.

Pastoral and Senior Staff would be fully involved in monitoring and supporting remote learning completion.


Lastest Government Guidance


Timetables in the event of full or partial closure

Students will follow their normal timetable.

Below is the timetable that is currently being followed (Since September 2020)

Tt 2020 september v2Please note that in the event of a full closure, tutor time will take place for all students from 8.40am to 9am, including Years 8, 10 and 11.