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When and why might we be closed?

The school of course may be shut at any time owing to an emergency for example: an electricity, heating or water failure which would mean staying open would breach Health and Safety requirements.

Of course, at present the majority of school closures are in relation to the national COVID restrictions.

With respect to COVID the government, in its guidance, sets out four educational TIERS which would operate if an outbreak of COVID were to hit the local or school community. These are:


Tier 1

The local area of Harrow or London being designated as having “local restrictions” – this would mean the school was still fully open – however, the wearing of face coverings would be compulsory in communal areas such as corridors and dining areas.

The school was placed in 'Tier 1' on Friday 16th October 2020, owing to the placing of London under local restrictions and now under national lockdown.

Local restrictions and the national lockdown mean that the wearing of masks is compulsory in communal areas unless a child is medically exempt. If your child is medically exempt, then please contact their Head of Year directly.   This still applies during the national lockdown.  We are also requiring students to wear face coverings in classrooms. 


Tier 2

This is where the school has to have a rota of students on site at any one time using a model of a “two weeks on and two weeks off” timetable where students would be on site for two weeks then off site and working remotely for another two weeks. 

The underlying principle would be that students are still only exposed to one “bubble” of students, thereby reducing the chance of transmission, and that if any student had caught the virus in that bubble, the two weeks off site would enable the symptoms to show whilst at home, again thereby reducing risk to others.

The school has planned for this model under a range of scenarios which would follow what we call our “hybrid/blending model”.  This has involved our teachers carefully looking at each scheme of learning in every subject and deciding on what material and activities would be best delivered in the classroom and what would be best delivered remotely. 

Students would be fully informed about what they were doing in each of the two-week periods – whilst students are learning remotely from home. 

Pastoral and Senior Staff would also be fully involved in monitoring and supporting remote learning completion.

Whilst we appreciate that Tier 2 would present some issues for siblings, it would be impossible to arrange for them to be always on the same rota.  We would aim for this where we can, but it would not, by definition of different ages and circumstances, be wholly possible.

In Tier 2, vulnerable students and children of key workers would be able to attend school during their two-week off-site period but would be placed under supervision to carry on with the remote activities in one of our ICT rooms.


Tier 3

This would be a situation of partial lockdown, whereby only students of certain year groups would be allowed on site.  This could be because a certain year group or more have had to isolate owing to an outbreak in that bubble or because the government have decided nationally that it would be safer for only certain year groups such as Years 11 and 13 to attend.

Under this scenario, these year groups would be taught on site at all times, as usual with all precautions being taken, and the year groups off-site would be set remote work in line with Tier 4 below. 


Tier 4

This would be a situation similar to last term with a national lockdown whereby only vulnerable students and children of key workers would be attending on site.  All other students would be working under remote conditions. 


Timetables in the event of full or partial closure

Students will follow their normal timetable; however, the timings of the lessons will differ depending on the tier to simplify the school day.

In the case of a school closure that is not related to COVID we will always communicate which timetable to follow.


Tiers 1, 2 and 3 Timetable and Arrangements 

Currently being followed (Since September 2020)

Tt 2020 september v2


Tier 4 Timetable and Arrangements

All year groups will follow the amended school timetable

Tt tier 4#