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Hatch End High School Internal Training Programme

Raising the Bar

We offer a bespoke programme of twilight training workshops to ensure that all of our teachers receive support that is highly personalised and that equips them to meet the diverse individual needs of our students.

Delivered by in-house experts, colleagues from our partnership schools and external consultants this programme is designed to meet both personal and institutional needs and is offered widely throughout the local authority. It dovetails in with other professional development opportunities such as school visits, as identified in a teacher’s Personal Development Programme, and offers stretch and challenge to all; either through delivering or participation in a workshop. Teachers at Hatch End High School strive to enhance and develop their understanding of pedagogy; recognising that the most effective professional development is working collaboratively with colleagues over a sustained period of time. 

Our Raising the Bar training workshops are therefore themed with participants attending a series of workshops around a theme with time built in between sessions to allow new learning to be explored, revisited, adapted to individual teacher and student context and embedded into practice. Themes that we are offering as part of this year’s Raising the Bar twilight programme include; using iPads to support Special Educational Needs and English as an Additional Language learners, understanding and applying Growth Mindset in the classroom and effective use of formative assessment to support pupil progress.

School Improvement Groups

Over recent years the focus has been on developing teachers’ confidence and repertoire for applying different pedagogies in the classroom with a firm basis built on evidence based research and practice. 

A recently released report (Developing Great Teaching, Teachers Development Trust, June 2015) supports this established approach at Hatch End High School by highlighting that a number of different international research findings emphasised the importance of the use of evidence in effective professional development.

Our Professional Learning Communities in recent years have played a critical part in this journey but we are now extending the excellent shared practice developed in such groups to the wider and more holistic forum of school development and improvement.  

Teachers are working in cross-departmental groups with groups electing to focus on themes such as; literacy provision across the Key Stage 3 curriculum, study habits and  motivation, cultural capital and enrichment, breaking down barriers to achievement and using Growth Mindset strategies to raise achievement. 

Teachers in these groups will participate in joint planning, peer observation and feedback; with all activities and discussions underpinned by a shared understanding of published theoretical writing.  Each group is led by a Research and Development Lead who will work with a Higher Education Institution to ensure that their School Improvement Group uses an evidenced based approach with an outward facing aspect; as part of their work School Improvement Group members may visit another school to identify different practice;  use recent research into key areas of pedagogy and school improvement; utilise and critically evaluate external bodies of evidence to support our understanding of ‘what works’.  All of this work we hope will cement our journey towards becoming a ‘research engaged’ school and thereby maximising our chances of spending most time on activities where there is an evidence base that, in the context of Hatch End High School, those activities have a high impact on pupil outcomes.  

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