Catering at HEHS

Our new caterers Chartwells will offer students and staff a varied choice of diet. 

Please click the link for more information from Chartwells. 

The meals they will provide will be freshly prepared and cooked on the premises in the school dining hall.  

Students are able to purchase food, in either of the two breaks, using the ‘cashless’ catering system. The biometric (finger scan) system generates a unique numeric code from sections of a student’s finger or thumb print - this means that a student can pay for their school meal without having to remember a PIN.

Parents can credit their child’s account by using the Parent Pay on-line system.

Students are also welcome to bring their own packed lunch. 

To top-up your child’s account click here.


If you would like to contact Chartwells directly, please email Sarah Ford or Kerry Caulfield at the following addresses: OR




Awaiting update from Chartwells.
Under new government funding rules the school receives additional funding for each child registered for Free School Meals, and we encourage all parents to claim if they think their child may be eligible. This will generate much needed revenue for the school and will be used to support your child’s education. You can fill in an online application form. Alternatively you can obtain a form from the school or on the website. Click here to know more.


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