Computer Science

Subject Overview


Year 9


Students will be working toward a GCSE qualification which also qualifies for the EBACC award as a science subject.  Students will complete a Programming Project under controlled assessment set by the exam board.  Students will be required to amend and extend code in the main although there is a small requirement for code of the student’s own invention. Students will also begin studying fundamental theory topics to be continued in the following year.


Year 10 & 11


Assessment from the previous year will follow on to complete the Programming Project and the Practical Investigation assignments. In year 10 and 11. Students are required to produce a report which will demonstrate their ability to analyse a problem, identify requirements, and make appropriate use of programming skills in providing solutions.  Students are required to design, implement, test and evaluate their solutions.  Students will be required to code the complete system themselves.


Students will also focus on the computing theory/written side. Theory will be more in-depth, covering more complex concepts and ideas.


Aims of the subject

Students will be expected to develop the following knowledge, skills and understanding:

They will learn:


  • Programming—they will be taught at least one programming language, and will use it practically and creatively.
  • Algorithms—and why they are at the heart of how computers work
  • Data—how it is handled and stored and what it can be used for
  • Hardware—how computers and networks are made up and how they communicate
  • Basic concepts of software engineering—the produce development lifecycle, prototyping and application testing

In addition they will:


  • Learn how to create simple computer games
  • Gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts around creating software applications
  • Have opportunities to work collaboratively
  • Create a computer programme using a traditional coding style to solve a given task
  • Training in computational thinking including abstraction, algorithms, top-down design and efficient solutions

Staff Contacts


Staff Name Role Email Address
Mr K Parmar Computing Coordinator



·    Students will have access to computing club in which they will learn robotics and programming


In Year 10 Students will be offered trips to Computing Masterclass Workshops at a London university


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