Media Studies


Media is an important factor in all of our lives.  We are all influenced by the media and, in this age of multi-platform, 24/7 exposure, media analysis is an essential tool for young people.

By looking at a wide range of topic areas, including television and film production, advertising, and web design, Media Studies aims to develop students into more critical consumers of the media and give its learners a better understanding of how the media shapes our everyday lives.

The Aims of the Department

Media Studies provides students with an exciting and unique opportunity to develop their interest in, and ability to create and manipulate the media.

We provide Media Studies courses at GCSE and A Level.


The Media Studies department has recently acquired a range of brand new equipment, including digital and HD cameras, sound equipment, Windows 8 tablets and Macs.For full details of the structure, content and assessment in Media Studies, please refer to the KS 3, 4 and 5 Programmes of Study


Staff Name Role Email Address
Ms L Stanley Teacher / Head of Year 12
Ms S Kaiser Teacher
Mr J Gold Teacher