All items are available from:

Teenyware (325 High Street, Harrow Weald. O208 863 3892),

Howardbros and pullens (48/50 Church Road, Stanmore. 0208 954 3850)

(Except trousers, skirts, shirts and shoes which can be purchased from any supplier or supermarket.)

Years 7 - 11

Black Smart Tailored Trouser

Black Pleated or A-Line Skirt (at or below the knee)

Smart White Shirt  with collar + top button (shirts must be tucked in at all times or girls may wear a fitted shirt )

Black Smart Shoes and Black Socks/Tights

Shoes must be sturdy due to health and safety e.g. in technology lessons

Clip-on Tie with year colour identification


Black V-Neck Jumper with School Logo/Badge and Year Stripe Trim

Or alternative choices

Boys: Black Tank Top with School Logo and Year Stripe Trim

Girls: Black Cardigan with School Logo and Year Stripe Trim


1 Pair of small, simple stud earrings and a Watch (none other, due to issues of safeguarding and loss)

No jewellery to be worn in PE lessons

Facial piercings are NOT permitted


Coats may not be worn in classrooms/laboratories

Hats, or any head wear may not be worn in the school building

Optional Summer Uniform

Polo shirt with school logo and Hatch End High School written in your year colour

Consistently starts first day of the summer term

PE Kit

Red Polo Shirt (with school logo)

Black Sweatshirt (with school logo)

Black aertex design Shorts (with school logo)

Black Jogging Bottoms (with school logo)

Sports socks

Trainers (students need to change into alternative footwear for PE)

Years 9, 10 & 11


Blazer with school logo must be worn in all lessons and in assemblies (unless the teacher gives permission to remove)

Important Notes

  1. All items worn or brought to school must be clearly labelled with the student’s first and last name on.
  2. Students wearing headscarves or turbans should wear plain black or plain white.
  3. NO non-regulation jumpers or sweat tops, i.e. round neck, monogrammed or non-black.
  4. NO hoodies.
  5. Any digital item brought to school is at the responsibility and risk of the student not the school and must not be used during the school day.
  6. Skirts and trousers must not be skinny or flared or contain any elastic in the material; they must be straight cut and be worn above the hips.
  7. Students are only required to wear a blazer in Year 9 onwards in order to take account of student growth and costs.
  8. If students do not take the Summer Uniform option, they must wear the full school uniform, including tie.
  9. Hair should not be ‘extreme’, not too short (no. 2 is the minimum accepted), and have the appearance of ‘natural colour’. Artwork/patternisation on the scalp or eyebrows is NOT permitted.
  10. If a student is not wearing the correct uniform, they can be refused entry to the school.

Please click here to download the school's Uniform Policy