Subject Overview

Citizenship education equips young people with the knowledge, skills and understandings to play an effective role in public life. Pupils learn about British values through lessons on their rights, responsibilities, duties and freedoms about laws, justice and democracy. Students explore diverse beliefs, cultures and identities and the values we share as UK and global citizens. At Hatch End, students are encouraged to take part in decision making and different forms of action.  OBAMA

KS3 – Year 7

Discrete 1 hour per week Citizenship lesson, delivered by specialists.


KS3 – Year 8

Discrete 1 hour per week Citizenship lesson,delivered by specialists.


KS3 – Year 9

Discrete 2 hours per week GCSE Full Course.


KS4 – Year 10

Discrete 1.5 hours per week GCSE Short Course /Full Course.


KS4 – Year 11

Discrete 1 hour per week GCSE Short Course/ Full Course.


For full details of the structure, content and assessment in Citizenship, please refer to the KS 3, 4 and 5 Programmes of Study

Faculty Contacts


Staff Name Role Email Address
Mr D Robinson Head of Faculty for Social & Political Sciences

Ms A Brown Head of Citizenship and Politics Teacher

Ms Wong Citizenship and Politics Teacher
Mrs Moodley Citizenship and Drama Teacher
Mr Williams Assistant Headteacher/ Citizenship/ History Teacher
Ms Gadid Psychology, Health and Social Care and Citizenship Teacher
Ms Punjwani Citizenship Teacher/ Head of Sociology
Mrs Shelley Citizenship Teacher/ Head of Music
Ms Weston Citizenship and Drama Teacher
Mr McDonough Citizenship and Drama Teacher


The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative at Hatch End High Schoolypi logo

Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) - a programme which has helped over 20,000 students in the UK to give over £400,000 to local charities.

Youth and Philanthropy Initiative

Students at our school in Year 10 take part in YPI as part of the Citizenship GCSE coursework. In teams, they research social problems in our community and create an engaging and persuasive presentation and campaign on a local charity they believe is doing the best work to tackle an issue they are passionate about. The students visit their local charities and then deliver presentations to their peers as well as run year 7 workshops, informing them of the work their charity does.

The students carry out their campaigns in teams competing to win £3000 towards their chosen charity. Teams are selected from their Citizenship lessons, who then go on to present to a panel of judges in semi-finals.  The top 6 teams then get selected to present in the final and the winning team wins £3000 towards their chosen charity.  Last summer, the team campaigning for “OUTWEST” won the event.  

Trip to the Houses of Parliament

 Every year the Citizenship Department take a group of students to the Houses of Parliament. The visit begins with a tour of the Palace of Westminster, providing the context for learning about the work and role of Parliament. The tour starts at Westminster Hall, the oldest building in the parliamentary estate, where Guy Fawkes was put on trial for high treason in 1606.  The tour then moves to the Central Lobby, the heart of British Democracy which connects the House of Lords with the House of Commons. 

Students then have the fantastic opportunity to sit in the public gallery in the House of Commons.  After that, the students go up to the public gallery of the House of Lords, watching a live debate.

After the tour the Parliament Education Team deliver an engaging workshop putting GCSE Citizenship Curriculum into sharp focus.


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