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The School Governing Board operates a regular review cycle of all policies in line with statutory guidance.  School Policies can be downloaded by clicking the attachments below.

If you would like to request copies of the policies translated into any of the following languages using google translation, please click on the icon at the top of the screen or send an email to

If you require a paper copy of the information on our website, please email Mr C Firth at

Policy Date of Last Review
Access Arrangement Policy Academic Year 2020/21
Accessibility Policy and Plan October 2019
Admissions Policy 2020/2021 December 2018
Admissions Policy 2021/2022 October 2019
Admissions Policy 2022/2023 December 2020
Anti Bullying Policy Academic Year 2019/20
Assessment Policy June 2019
Assessment Policy Appendices June 2019
Asset Management and Depreciation Policy February 2021
Attendance Policy September 2019

Behaviour Policy

Academic Year 2020/21
Behaviour Policy Appendices Academic Year 2020/21
Behaviour Policy Addendum  September 2020
Behaviour Policy Addendum - Consequences Ladder September 2020
Bereavement Policy September 2019
Parent/Carer Code of Conduct Policy May 2019
Careers Policy

June 2019

Careers Provider Access Policy

July 2020

Charging Policy February 2021
Collective Worship Policy September 2020
Complaints Policy and Procedure June 2019
Curriculum Policy May 2019
Data Protection Policy  June 2020
Drug and Substance Abuse Policy February 2021
Equal Opportunities Policy October 2019
Equal Opportunities Policy Appendices October 2019
Equality Information and Objectives April 2021 - March 2022

Examinations Policy

Examination Policy Appendices

Non-Examinations Assessment Policy inc Appendices

2020 - 2021


2020 - 2021


September 2020

Freedom of Information Policy February 2020
Health and Safety Policy October 2020
Homework Policy October 2020
Home School Agreement July 2017
ICT Policy June 2019
Lettings Policy May 2019
Lettings Policy Appendices May 2016
More Able Policy Previously Gifted Talented Policy January 2017
Physical Intervention Policy Academic Year 2020/21
Privacy Policy - Students March 2021
Recruitment Policy November 2020
Relationships and Sexuality Education Policy June 2020
Religious Education Policy May 2020
Safeguarding Policy September 2020
Safeguarding Policy Appendices September 2019
School Records Management Policy April 2018
School Trips Policy July 2020
SEN Policy September 2017
Spiritual Moral Social Cultural Development Policy July 2019
Student Health and Wellbeing Policy March 2020
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy September 2019
Teaching and Learning Policy July 2019
Teaching and Learning Policy Appendices July 2019
Uniform Policy March 2018
Whistleblowing Policy October 2020