In line with our We CARE Ethos, pushing ambition to enable all students to aspire is part of everyone’s role at school. Every student at Hatch End High School is encouraged and supported to set their sights high and broaden their ambitions, regardless of their background or individual circumstances.

Our Raising Aspirations Programme aims to cultivate this process through a diverse range of events, speakers, mentoring, parental engagement initiatives and visits to universities and businesses.

At Hatch End High School there are Raising Aspirations Champions for each year group. Their role is to ensure that all students focus on achieving their potential by equipping them with the necessary tools to do so. Students are encouraged to set their own ambitious goals but also to develop an awareness of their own obstacles and how they can overcome them. 

Below are some examples of events that may take place as part of the programme. 

Brilliant Club

Hatch End High School works with the Brilliant Club, a highly academic but enriching organisation that aims to increase access to the country’s top universities for students who may not have considered applying previously. This is aimed at all years and involves working with PhD tutors on a specific supra-curricular course in either the Science or Humanities’ disciplines.   Through regular contact with a university tutor, students complete an extended written assignment on their chosen topic. Students visit Cambridge and other top institutions where they experience campus life and authentic university-style tutorials. In the past, students have written assignments on the workings of miniature robots (bristlebots!), feminist theory in fairy tales, the effects of nutrients on disease. Hatch End High School was the first school in Harrow to take part in the Brilliant Club.

Debate Mate

It is well known that the ability to present and debate confidently to a wide range of audiences is one of the most important life skills we can have in order to be successful. Debate Mate is a fantastic national debating programme for students facilitated by students at the best universities.   This initiative provides our students with the opportunity to practise these vital skills such as speaking, listening and critical thinking. Each week a university mentor comes to the school and develops students’ confidence and ability to articulate their opinions. Debate Mate is open to students in Years 7 – 10 who compete in local and national competitions against other school teams, debating a wide range of quirky but serious motions. During the weekly sessions, the debates focus on topics that address issues that students face in the real world.  It is a very popular club and students who attend all report increased confidence to express themselves.

Future First

Hatch End High School is in partnership with Future First. Future First deliver workshops, run by alumni of Hatch End High School. The aim of the sessions is to provide students with the knowledge to reach their ambitions, inspiring them to work hard and see the importance of continuous education. The workshop require the students to guess the profession of each alumni. E.g. Alex Thompson Armstrong is currently a lead campaigner for 'Shape History'. The students then think about the types of skills required to do well in a marketing and campaign professions, highlighting the importance of acquiring transferable skills. Feedback from the sessions has shown that 90% of students felt more confident about achieving their future ambitions after each session. 


Mr D Rowan-Robinson                                

Assistant Headteacher, Head of KS4