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School Improvement

We believe that an outstanding school never stands still and strives at all times to excel in every area of its performance for the benefit of all our young people and other stakeholders.

From regular, robust and honest self-evaluation, we have devised together the following key priorities below which will govern our short and medium term planning and will underpin our three year strategic planning through to 2019/20, ensuring we are a high performing, inclusive and oversubscribed school of choice for the local community.

All four areas of our improvement planning are underpinned by our four core values in We CARE with reference to our fundamental appreciation of the importance of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education and preparing our students to be active citizens in a local, national and global environment.

We participate in the National Challenge Initiative and in 2018/19, we were awarded the following estimates:

School Improvement: Outstanding

Student Outcomes: Outstanding

Quality of Teaching: Good

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Self Evaluation

Three Year Strategic Vision

One Year School Improvement Plan