Why our young people value the opportunities at HEHS


JackJack petchey Petchey Awards

The JACK PETCHEY AWARD scheme is a reward and recognition initiative which enables schools and youth organisations to celebrate the achievements of their young people. Nine of our young people will be recognised at the HEHS Awards Ceremonies at the school, and again at the Harrow celebration at the Watersmeet Theatre, in Rickmansworth in January for the academic year 2019, where they will be presented with medals for their outstanding contributions and efforts. The first six winners are noted below- three more will be selected in the Autumn of 2019.

Congratulations to:

Student Reason for Award
Hinal Mukeshkumar

Hinal is a Year 13 student who has been nominated by three staff for her incredible kind and compassionate behaviour towards another student in school. Hinal has gone above and beyond to support her friend who has been suffering with illness – doing her absolute best to keep her in school and as cheerful as possible. You could not wish for a better friend.

Ajah Jackson

Jackson is talented in numbers and he works diligently. All his classwork/homework are completed to a very high standard and you can always find 100% accuracy in his answers. He is generous and offers help to his classmates in maths lessons, because he is always the first to find the perfect solutions to challenging problems. His attendance is 100% too.  He is inspirational and generous. 

Emily Man

Emily is nominated for her contribution to wider social issues and her passion for sharing knowledge and creating an awareness around tackling inequalities in our society.  Emily delivered a really powerful assembly to several year groups after her visit to Auschwitz.  The assembly was powerful, evocative and memorable.  Further to this Emily launched a ‘Period Poverty’ campaign in the school, which has been a great success and is testament to her drive and ambition to bring about change.  Emily also runs a weekly Political Reading Club and is part of the student committee for London Citizens.  Emily has come so far in her journey at Hatch End and we are extremely proud of her. 

Stefania Zgripcea

Stefania is nominated for her contribution to wider social issues and her passion for creating an awareness around tackling inequalities in our society and fundraising.  Stefania goes over and beyond in organising and participating in charitable events; earlier this year she cut 6 inches of her hair to donate to Children with Cancer UK, which she recently followed up with shaving all her hair in front of a large audience of students and staff.  This was both a brave and altruistic act, which is highly commendable for an 18 year old female.  Further to this Stefania took a very active part in launching the ‘Period Poverty’ campaign in the school, which has been a great success and is testament to her drive and ambition to bring about change for disadvantaged females and educate young people around such issues. Stefania is also part of the student committee for London Citizens and led on an action day outside Scotland Yard on their stop and search practice.  Stefania is an outstanding role model and we are extremely proud of her. 

Leneeta Sargeant

Leneeta is in Deputy Headteacher Mrs Dunfords tutor group and since September she has been an extremely helpful and sociable member of the group.  She is very proactive in tutor time and during PCSHE where she often takes on the role of a TA and basically team teaches with her.  She is an inspiration to many others in the group.

Subigya Karki

On Tuesday evening Subigya found a wallet on the bus.  He got off the bus especially to return it to reception at school as he was worried that it was one of our students and that they would not be able to get home.  The wallet got returned to the right person today (as the school phoned one of the contacts in the wallet yesterday) and the person concerned  left Subigya a box of chocolates to say thank you. They were so touched that somebody had been so kind.



The Hatch End High School Production Society

Hatch End High School Production Society has been in existence for 30 years and stages a large, West End quality, annual musical production open to all students. They have the opportunity to work both on stage and behind the scenes, or play an instrument within the accompanying band/orchestra. Following “Sister Act” last February, students are currently awaiting the announcement of our next production, which will begin rehearsals in September 2019. 

“I have been given such a range of opportunities to perform both at school and in the wider community which have really developed my confidence and selfesteem. In addition, the Society is like a family and I have gained life-long friends from all year groups and walks of life.” – Daisy Suffield (Year 12)



Our annual expedition to CERN in Switzerland to see the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator—the Hadron Collider—is just one of the Science highlights of the year.

“To have the opportunity to see what you read about in text books brought to life is truly amazing and helps me understand the importance of what we learned. It really brought home to me the international scale of the whole operation and has prepared me well for further studies.” – Chandler Low (Year 13)


Debate Mate

It is well known that the ability to present and debate confidently to a wide range of audiences is one of the most important life skills we can have in order to be successful. Debate Mate is a fantastic, national debating programme for students facilitated by students at the best universities, providing our students with the opportunity to practise these vital skills such as speaking, listening and critical thinking.

“I never used to watch the news, but now I do because at Debate Mate we talk about what’s going on in the world. I want to be Prime Minister one day, and that’s all because of Debate Mate.” – Jessica Woolf (Year 9)



Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club, a highly academic but enriching organisation that aims to increase students’ access to the country’s top universities. This is aimed at all years and involves students working with PhD tutors on a specific, supra-curricular thesis and completing an extended written assignment on this topic, the winners of which are published in the national magazine, The Scholar.

“The Brilliant Club was an amazing intellectual experience and I am ecstatic that my essay was published. I’d highly recommend the Brilliant Club programme as excellent preparation for university.” – Kush Pattni (Year 13)


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