Learning Resources Centre


Offering a welcoming environment for studying and reading

The Learning Resources Centre is open to students and staff until 4.45pm daily. It is a calm and relaxing environment for studying, reading for pleasure and of course exploring and borrowing the resources we have available.

Students can use the Learning Resources Centre before and after school and during breaks. 

We have a growing variety of resources available for our students:

Reading for Pleasure

All our students are encouraged to read regularly for pleasure. Students can borrow a maximum of 3 books at a time, and borrow each book for up to two weeks at a time.

Reading for Research

Our non-fiction collection aims to support students in studying for their exams and explore their hobbies and areas of interest.

Keeping it Topical

The Learning Resources Centre has a range of magazines and periodicals this year. We stock magazines that students can read for pleasure, covering popular subjects such as cars, technology, sport and fashion, and also a range of academic periodicals, aimed primarily at our Sixth Form students, supporting them in their course studies and wider reading around their subjects.

Planning for the Future

We also have a Careers Learning Resources Centre that will inform our students’ decision-making throughout their school careers. From choosing GCSEs, A-Levels, college or university, to practical advice on choosing a career, preparing for work, apprenticeships opportunities, gap years and more.

Keeping it reel

This year students will also be able to borrow DVDs from the Learning Resources Centre. These will be on overnight loan only, and students can choose from a range of films related to their studies and hobbies, plus critically acclaimed films to please their inner culture vulture!

Homework club

The Learning Resources Centre can be accessed before and after school, and at break times, for homework and online research. 

If you have any queries please contact our Learning Resources Manager, Miss G Saiyeed via email: gsaiyeed@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk or phone: 020 8428 4330 x2025