Student Voice

Hatch End High School believes it has a responsibility to engage students as partners throughout education, particularly in the decision making that affects them every single day. We aim to put democracy into action with students being consulted through both “elected” and “selected” student systems.

This “elected” group is called Community Slice.  The Community Slice is a panel consisting of students who are deliberately non-elected. Heads of Year are asked to select a panel of students which best represents the demographic of the Year Group. This panel is used to research debate topics and allow students who may not always wish to put themselves forward for election to give feedback in a variety of formats – written feedback is often gathered to allow students who do not wish to speak out the chance to be heard.

We believe that students can become more effective learners when they are engaged in the processes of democracy and active participation. Within the school we also have members of the Harrow Youth Parliament who debate local issues within Harrow and Anti-Bullying Campaign Peer Mentors who debate anti-bullying strategies to implement within the school.

All students also appreciate the value of debating via their full GCSE Citizenship course which is constructed to ensure we have a full representation of all our students, for example, gender and ethnicity.


Welcome message from our Head Boy and Head Girl

6hme lowChandler Low 

Head Boy, 2016 - 2017

When choosing where I would attend for my post 16 education, I could only think of one place; Hatch End High School. The combination of a strong sense of community and solid school ethos are the foundations for a school that hosts a blend of driven students and equally driven teachers. Also, throughout both upper and lower school there are opportunities for students to develop personal interests through extra-curricular activities ranging from sports, music, languages and the highly respected school production. Hatch End High School provides the right balance of support and freedom to allow students to thrive and exceed their ambitions.


Student council darnellEmma Darnell

Head Girl, 2016 - 2017

Having friendly and knowledgeable teachers and peers at Hatch End High School makes for a great community in which everyone is able to thrive. I chose to stay at Hatch End High School to study my A-levels because of the combination of high quality teaching and diverse opportunities the school offers: whether performing musicals, completing Duke of Edinburgh awards, or taking part in football tournaments, there is always something for each student to get involved in. And if things aren’t going so well the school is always there to help ensure each student reaches their potential with buddy systems, intervention sessions and a host of other support.

This all makes Hatch End High School a great school full of determined, talented and caring students.