Partnership Working

We believe that successful schools do not exist in a vacuum but rather look outwards to work alongside, other schools both primary and secondary in the local Harrow area and beyond.

Below are a list of the key partnerships in which we are currently involved, enriching the outstanding work already existing at Hatch End High School and enabling us to support other schools and institutions to be the best they can be.

Hatch End High School plays an active role in the effective collaboration that exists amongst high schools in Harrow. The schools worked together to establish sixth form provision, and to admit Year 7 for the first time in 2010. Local high schools have also collaborated to take advantage of freedoms offered to establish new schools, initially opening The Jubilee Academy in 2013 as an alternative provision high school to improve outcomes for students who were not fulfilling their potential in mainstream schools. The schools are also responsible for establishing Pinner High School, which opened in September 2016, and for Harrow View Primary School which is due to open as part of the redevelopment of the Kodak site. Hatch End High School is a member of the academy trusts responsible for Jubilee, Pinner High, and Harrow View; Sue Maguire is a trustee of Pinner High and Harrow View.

The Harrow Collegiate

Hatch End High School has worked successfully in partnership with the Harrow Sixth Form Collegiate over the past decade to deliver an outstandingly wide choice of academic and vocational courses. The collegiate incorporates the Community Schools and Academies’ Sixth Form Provision as well as the local colleges. A common timetable enables students to choose subjects on offer in more than one institution and staff have worked collaboratively to plan detailed schemes of work and develop high quality resources. We have also used our combined purchasing power to facilitate additional preparation sessions for our students, for example weekend workshops for Year 12 students who are about to undertake the BMAT (Medical School Admission Test) and visits from Accounting firms such as Deliotte who have promoted apprenticeship and non-degree entry routes into accounting as a career.

Higher Education

Hatch End High School has also worked successfully in partnership with Higher Education to deliver excellent opportunities for our students. Students applying to the most competitive institutions have benefited from face-to-face and e-mentoring from existing undergraduates including some of our own Alumni. We have also supported students in attending programmes which encourage application to the most competitive courses and institutions, for example the Pathways to Law Programme with Kings College London and the LSE Choice Programme which offers students a week long residential experience of like at the LSE and then a series of trips and weekend workshops; one of our staff has been involved with the LSE in the planning and delivery of the Choice programme. Additionally, our extra-curricular provision has been strengthened by two alumni from University College London who have been offering a ‘Formula One in schools’ enrichment activity.

Community Partnerships

We value our links with the local and wider community and are proud to welcome a wide range of visiting speakers into the school to support and extend our curriculum. We actively seek to support local, national and global charities – raising money and highlighting key issues through assemblies and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education. In addition we seek to build active working partnerships. Recent examples include:

HOPES Project – a working partnership with the Paediatric Department at Northwick Park Hospital where a paediatric registrar, Dr Poblete, visits the school termly to support lessons across the curriculum. We have arranged that paediatric registrars training at the hospital all have to offer sessions to our students as part of their training – helping them to learn how to communicate with adolescents. Two groups visit every term. Registrars work in partnership with the school to identify key areas to target – subjects covered have included – HIV/AIDS, living with and managing Cancer, how to save a life, health and hygiene. The sessions have supported students in Science, Psychology and Health and Social Care, and are very popular.

ANNUAL SENIOR CITIZENS' PARTY - every year we invite up to 80 Senior Citizens to join us from local residential homes and the local community for a Christmas Party and singalong. They spend several hours with us, enjoying afternoon tea, whilst being entertained by our young people, who sing and perform. We always have a group singalong and Father Christmas makes an annual appearance to draw the raffle.

International Links

We work with the Lemy School in Harrow, who organise international visits for students from all over the world in partnership to offer visits from international students, giving them an opportunity to experience a British School. In return, the visits are a superb opportunity for our students from other countries and share experiences. 

Another example includes a school from Munster in Germany who bring a group of between 80 and a 100 students every Spring to visit the school. They spend an hour looking round the school to understand how a British School works and then have an hour of direct conversation work with our students in a session booked in the Great Hall. We always conclude each session with a group photo, to mark the partnership and publish the visits in our respective newsletters. This is a great opportunity for our students studying German to try out their language skills.

Primary Schools

We work closely with many local primary schools, sharing good practice to support the curriculum and enrichment offer, running a series of interactive Arts based activities. In addition, we regularly invite many primary students to join us for Curriculum Arts Days and to see a matinee performance of our school production. We also visit many schools to support music, science and technology sessions and are always open to consider requests for support. The Headteacher is a representative on the Harrow School Improvement Partnership (HSIP) which works closely with the primary schools to facilitate mutual support. Recent examples include:


ARTS DAYS - we regularly run a series of ARTS DAYS as part of our Outreach Programme. We invite in students from a wide range of local primary schools in Harrow and Hertfordshire. Students have been in to see matinee performances of our school shows to introduce them to live theatre and been involved in Arts promoting Literacy and Numeracy as well as general introduction to performing days. Our students really enjoy supporting these sessions as they have to learn to be organised, flexible, and to multi-task. Students have the opportunity to teach younger students, sharing the skills they have learned to date. Many sessions are particularly aimed at targeting Years 4 and 5 disadvantaged students.

The aims of the Arts sessions are to give primary school students the opportunity to work with secondary students, aiding transition; to give primary students the opportunity to act, sing and perform “just for fun” in a large performance space; to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem – team building and presentation skills; to give students the opportunity to take part in an interactive day bringing part of the KS2 History curriculum to life through music, acting, singing and creative writing. 


"ARTLETS" - we currently offer Arts-based sessions called “ARTLETS”. We are happy to visit schools and work with a class or year group for up to a maximum of 2 hours – usually we offer a one hour session, but could do more if asked. The sessions are planned based on discussion with staff on a curriculum area(s) they would like boosted or emphasized.  We also offer areas of PSHE/safeguarding. These sessions are tailored to other school’s needs.  This is a great opportunity for partnership working. Our students really enjoy the challenge of having to be creative in planning a very concise but fun session on a set theme – making sure that learning is taking place. This helps our students understand the importance of planning and breaking work down into bite size chunks in order to progress and emphasizes the importance of using a variety of medium to deliver topics.


LOCAL PRIMARY SCHOOLS' CHRISTMAS PARTY - for the past 2 years we have invited a number of students age 6- 8 years from a local primary school to join us for a Christmas Party. The session involves the students taking part in a Christmas craft session, a paperchain competition, party games and a visit from Father Christmas to hear a Christmas story. We are very proud of both of these events as we think it is very important to meet, entertain and learn about members of our wider community.  Our students are expected to interact with our guests and this also provides a range of excellent learning opportunities:

  • Catering students prepare the eating areas, bake and serve the food, tea and coffee wearing their official “whites”. This is a superb opportunity for them to cater for large numbers and learn to work under pressure.
  • Health and Social Care students have to write letters inviting students in from the local primary school, risk assess the working area, plan a range of suitable craft activities and games and consider any special educational needs of the visiting students. The party is always a real eye opening experience for them as they have to entertain up to 60 young students for an hour and half and this is real hands on vocational experience. The Health and Social Care students also support the Senior Citizens’ Party – helping to decorate the room and talk to the visiting people.
  • Music and Performing Arts students and students who play instruments and belong to the school choirs sing and perform – another great opportunity.

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Harrow Collegiate Teaching School Alliance

We are proud to be a very active Strategic Partner of the Harrow Collegiate Teaching School Alliance. Formed in 2014 the Harrow Collegiate Teaching School Alliance has grown in strength and now has over 25 member schools across 4 London Boroughs.

The Alliance has a strong portfolio of Professional Development that is delivered by Senior Leaders, Middle Leaders and teachers from across the Alliance with external specialist input for some programmes. A comprehensive programme addresses professional learning needs of all members of the school workforce with programmes for teaching assistants, aspiring teachers and support staff. Another comprehensive pedagogy programme is complemented by a suite of leadership programmes from ‘First Steps into Middle Leadership’ through to the ‘Aspiring Headship Programme’. Additional programmes are on offer in coaching and mentoring and secondments between schools are available and middle and senior leadership level. A growing Research and Development focus and a School Based Masters Degree Programme, in collaboration with St Marys University, ensure that our professional learning programme is grounded in an evidence base which is used to inform practice; with teachers across the schools increasingly becoming research engaged as they participate in small scale teacher enquiry projects.

Teacher Training

Hatch End High School has a long history of working in partnership with The Institute of Education and other Higher Education Institutions, such as Brunel University and Hertfordshire University, to deliver outstanding Initial Teacher Training programmes. We currently recruit candidates wishing to achieve Qualified Teacher Status via the nationally acclaimed Teach First programme and we have now supported two cohorts of School Direct recruits to attain Qualified Teacher Status. Both are school-based programmes of teacher training which enable us to work collaboratively with Training Institutions and our partner schools to train teachers and future school leaders; ensuring that the training fits with our school ethos and equips participants to meet the needs of our students.

For more information about our training programmes please click here.


As detailed in full in our Safeguarding area, we work extensively with other agencies to ensure our young people feel safe and are free from harm at all times.