Curriculum Overview - Hatch End High School

Curriculum Overview

Hatch End High School’s ethos, We CARE drives our vision for curriculum provision and delivery.

We have an outstanding and diverse curriculum which aspires to respond to the local and national agenda both intelligently and creatively in order to ensure all our students receive a high quality learning experience at all times. All secondary schools' curriculums have undergone significant reforms which will affect your child at different stages of their school career. 

Please refer to the Curriculum and Assessment Reform documents here which sum up key changes nationally and how they affect Hatch End High School.

Our conversion to academy status enabled us to ensure that the needs of our students drive our curriculum provision at all times. Whilst confirming our commitment to the broad and balanced principles of the national curriculum, we also celebrate and use our specialisms to drive excellence and innovation.  The legal scope for our curriculum is set out as per the Funding Agreement available on our website.

We believe whole heartedly that in order to access a broad and balanced curriculum, all students need to be confident and proficient in the basic skills of Reading, Writing, Communication and Mathematics and these are given the highest priority at all times.  We believe firmly that a student’s progress is what ultimately leads to their achievement and that an enabling curriculum model is one that operates when possible with a “stage not age” approach.

Finally, we consider it critical that equal opportunities and fundamental British Values are promoted and realised at all levels of curriculum provision and that this is integral to outstanding practice. Whilst we provide extensive individual and small group withdrawal support where necessary (see below), our curriculum is one which celebrates inclusion at all times and we firmly believe that our diversity as a school ultimately enriches and enhances our curriculum for the benefit of all.

Beyond the formal curriculum

The school curriculum is not narrowly constrained within formal lessons but extends to a vast array of extra-curricular opportunities which we term “Enrichment”.  All students have access to and are actively encouraged to take part in an extensive programme, which seeks to extend their learning and widen their life experiences.  We seek to use active partnerships to support learning wherever possible and encourage students to interact with speakers and visiting groups/industries/organisations to extend their communication skills and learning capacity.  The school uses its Pupil Premium and other avenues of funding to ensure that all groups within the school are able to access these activities.  

Work Related learning is any planned activity that uses the context of work to develop knowledge, skills and understanding useful in work.  Through work related learning activities, the school seeks to develop the employability skills of young people, provide them with the opportunity to ‘learn by doing’, raise standards of achievement and encourage positive attitudes to lifelong learning.  Opportunities will be provided both within our various curriculum areas and as planned activities within our enrichment programme.  All students have the opportunity to take part in a formal work experience at the end of Year 10.

The school believes the physical environment should reflect the diversity of our student body and curriculum.  We use displays to enhance our formal study and celebrate excellent student work.  Displays will be updated on a regular basis.


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