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Curriculum Overview

Hatch End High School’s ethos and four core values embedded in WE CARE (co-operation; ambition; respect and excellence) together drive our intent and vision for curriculum provision and delivery. 

We have a diverse curriculum which aspires to respond to the local and national agenda both intelligently and creatively in order to ensure all our students receive a high quality learning experience at all times. In confirming our commitment to the broad and balanced principles of our curriculum we celebrate our expertise in the Arts and Applied Learning to drive excellence and innovation. For further information relating to our curriculum Intent, Implementation & Impact please click on the tabs at the end of this page for our full policy.

Our curriculum is the vehicle to allow our students to become:

  • confident and successful individuals who aspire to “excellence” by enjoying learning, developing  resilience, becoming flexible and adaptable,  achieving high quality and meaningful qualifications and thereby making “ambitious” progress
  • responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society including their local community and the wider international world in which they exist thereby embedding our core values of “respect and co-operation”

Our curriculum is coherently planned from year 7 to 13 in each subject through what we call a 'narrative' with units sequenced logically across all seven years of study. Please click here for individual subject pages to see the narrative and maps for years 7 to 13 for each subject studied here at Hatch End High School. Also available here are user-friendly Learning Journeys for each of Key Stages Three, Four and Five which outline these Curriculum Narrative and Maps. *Please note that our curriculum pages are currently under review and will be updated accordingly over the academic year 2019/20.

Key Stage 3 

In Years 7 and 8, students follow the National Curriculum subjects. The KS3 curriculum aims to provide an excellent grounding in the core subjects (Maths; Science; Computer Science; English; Religious Education; Personal, Citizenship, Social and Health Education (PCSHE) and Physical Education) as well as the Arts; the Humanities, Modern Foreign Languages and Design and Technology.  Our rationale for a two year Key Stage 3 is formed from a belief that young people are motivated by elements of control and choice over some elements in their programme of study.  By encouraging a broad entry of EBAC subjects at KS4 we are not “limiting” or “narrowing” our students’ entitlement to a balanced curriculum. In addition, all students are encouraged to follow at least one subject which is creative, aesthetic or practical, with the option to study two if desired.  We pay close attention to the cohort of the school and its high mobility to ensure that KS4 has the required flexibility to cater for in year admissions, some of whom join very late in their school careers. 

Key Stage 4 

In Years 9, 10 and 11 students continue following the National Curriculum Subjects in English; Maths; Science; Physical Education; Religious Education and Personal, Citizenship, Social and Health Education (PCSHE).   We begin our options process in the Spring Term where students of Year 8 are guided carefully onto a range of courses in which they show both interest and aptitude.  Year 9 is seen as a fundamental preparation year for GCSE.  Our comprehensive KS4 provision offer is set out in our Choices Booklet available on the school website and by hard copy. All students will study either History or Geography with the option to study both if desired and the majority of students continue with a Modern Foreign Language enabling them to gain accreditation in all five subject areas within the English Baccalaureate.  All of the EBAC subjects are accredited at the end of Year 11 following a coherent five-year programme of study.  One option subject will be accredited at the end of Year 10 in order to alleviate student stress and promote better mental wellbeing.  In order to protect “vulnerable” subjects and maintain the “broadness” of the curriculum, some cohorts will be taught in mixed year groups, in some subjects, also requiring a three year phased Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 5 

At Post 16, we offer as part of the successful Harrow Collegiate, an extensive range of Key Stage 5 programmes comprising A Levels and Applied, BTEC National level 3 courses which stretch students and offer opportunities to move onto the next stage of education or employment.  Students have the opportunity to complete programmes of study both at Hatch End High School and at one or more of the other providers within the Collegiate which maximises access and choice (see separate Collegiate and Hatch End High School Key Stage 5 offer and other information on our website). Students can complete individualised packages, which could equate to 3 or 4 A levels/ BTEC qualifications and can also be supplemented with extra courses such as the extended project. In addition to their academic studies, students all benefit from a comprehensive PCSHE programme which include a level 2 Personal Finance programme.

For further information about our Sixth form, please click here.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC)

SMSC is promoted across all aspects of school life.  Our full policy on the website sets out our vision and practice in ensuring that all students have the opportunity to develop an understanding of right and wrong; an appreciation of the arts in all their forms and practise the skills and attitudes required for them to participate fully in a democratic society.

We consider it critical that equal opportunities and fundamental British Values are promoted and realised at all levels of curriculum provision and that this is integral to outstanding practice. Whilst we provide extensive individual and small group withdrawal support where necessary (see below), our curriculum is one which celebrates inclusion at all times and we firmly believe that our diversity as a school ultimately enriches and enhances our curriculum for the benefit of all.

Beyond the formal curriculum

The school curriculum is not narrowly constrained within formal lessons but extends to a vast array of extra-curricular opportunities which we term “Enrichment”.  In Years 7 and 8 all students have a one-hour timetabled session a fortnight which offers a range of options for following a different course or developing a new skill which will broaden their horizons.  “Cultural Capital” is key to our approach. In Year 9, a one-hour free choice lesson is offered to all students to broaden and enrich their curricular experience without the pressures of examination entry.

All students have access to and are actively encouraged to take part in an extensive programme during breaks, after school or at weekends, which seeks to extend their learning and widen their life experiences.  We seek to use active partnerships to support learning wherever possible and encourage students to interact with speakers and visiting groups/industries/organisations to enhance their communication skills and learning capacity.  The school uses its Pupil Premium and other avenues of funding to ensure that all groups within the school are able to access these activities.

Work Related learning is any planned activity that uses the context of work to develop knowledge, skills and understanding useful in work. Through work related learning activities, the school seeks to develop the employability skills of young people, provide them with the opportunity to ‘learn by doing’, raise standards of achievement and encourage positive attitudes to lifelong learning.  Opportunities will be provided both within our various curriculum areas and as planned activities within our enrichment programme.  All students have the opportunity to take part in a formal work experience at the end of Year 10 despite not being statutory as we believe it remains a vital and enriching experience.  They also have an opportunity to gain formal interview skills as part of the Steps to Success Day. Our Careers Policy sets out in detail how we adhere to the national Gatsby benchmarks.





Curriculum Policy

Year 8 Subject Choices Guidance Booklet 2020 - 2023

Year 8 Subject Choices Guidance Booklet 2019 - 2022

Year 8 Subject Choices Guidance Booklet 2018 - 2021


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