Post 16: A Level Results 2018

6th form celebrating results 2

Mr Richards, Assistant Headteacher Sixth Form celebrating another year of outstanding results

Hatch End High School students are celebrating another year of record breaking A Level results.  55% of A Level results were awarded the top grades of A*- B and 80% of grades were awarded A* - C with an overall 99.3% pass rate.

Our provisional progress score is once again likely to place us in the top 10% of all schools nationally.

Our wide range of BTEC courses were equally impressive with many students once again gaining Distinction and Distinction Star grades and securing places at the top universities.

Headteacher Ms Sue Maguire said, “Yet again, we have proved what a successful and high performing, over-subscribed sixth form we are with an exceptional offer of courses.  These results are our best ever and illustrate why we have recently been recognised by the Sutton Trust as a school of best practice for meeting the needs of the most able students, in addition to achieving the national Inclusion Quality Mark in July for our outstanding provision for all students regardless of starting points – huge thanks and congratulations to a wonderful team of staff and our hard working students for achieving such success.”

Yousef benkrouche


Yousef Benkrouche becomes the latest Hatch End student to take up a place at Cambridge University. will study Engineering after having achieved A*A*A in his 3 A Levels and said, Alan yahya"over my seven years I have received excellent teaching and great support both in lessons and Rebecca holdenoutside."



Alan Yahya said, "My teachers have made a huge contribution to my success; during my time at Hatch End High, I have watched the world open up before me with career paths and exciting projects that have developed my passion for Science." Alan leaves us with an A* grade in A Level Further Mathematics and A grades in A Level Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry to study Natural Sciences at Durham University.


Rebecca Holden also achieved superb results of ABB in Geography, History and Religious Studies despite battling cancer and having to undergo two major operations just prior to her examinations. Rebecca is now pursuing her dream to be a teacher by studying Primary Teaching at the University of Kingston. She said, "Since joining Hatch End in Year 12, the school have really looked after both me and my family. The school were so accommodating in helping with taking my examinations and fitting my studies around my treatment."


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Key Stage 4: Results 2018

Hatch End High School are delighted with another set of fantastic GCSE results with some real human triumphs. Many students gained the very highest grades thanks to their sheer hard work and our staff's outstanding teaching and support. 

Our provisional progress score is once again likely to place us in the top 20% of all schools nationally. Maths, English and Science all performed well above average but we await final confirmed results. The vast majority of students are now successfully enrolling at Hatch End High School Sixth Form or College.

Sue Maguire, Headteacher said, “Today is the most important day of the year – it’s a day when the whole school community, students, staff and parents can join together to celebrate superb partnership working and enjoy much earned success.”


Post 16: A Level and Level 3 BTEC combined results 2017

We have had yet another year of fantastic results at Post 16.  A third of all grades were A*/A with nearly two thirds A*-B and a 100% pass rate.  This is a worthy culmination of all our students’ hard work over the last two years and has only been possible thanks to outstanding teaching from an exceptionally well qualified staff body and of course support from our parent body.  All should be congratulated and I am very proud to lead a school that is consistently in the best 20% of schools in the whole country for academic achievement.  We wish all our young people the very best as they move on to University and beyond – they thoroughly deserve a bright and prosperous future.

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A*- A    34%;     A* - B     60%;     A*- C       85%;        A*- E   100%

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Accountability Measure HEHS 2017 Source National 2017
Progress A Level

+0.2   (sig+)

IDSR unvalidated January 2018 0.00

A Level (including AS Level)

+0.15 (sig+) DfE Performance Tables January 2018                       0.00


+0.15 (sig+) DfE Performance Tables January 2018 0.00

Applied General

+0.66 (sig+) DfE Performance Tables January 2018 0.00

Average grade (points) per A Level entry

C- (27.58) DfE Performance Tables January 2018

C+ (32.39)

Average grade (points) per Academic entry C- (27.77)

DfE Performance Tables January 2018.       

C+ (32.72)
Average grade (points) per Appiled General entry Distinction*-(44.35) DfE Performance Tables January 2018 Distinction (35.72)

English and

Maths progress

English GCSE +1.33 DfE Performance Tables January 2018 -0.02
Maths GCSE +0.64 DfE Performance Tables January 2018 0.00

A Level 

99.1% DfE Performance Tables March 2018 95.3%


99.1% DfE Performance Tables March 2018 95.3%

Applied General

97.1% DfE Performance Tables March 2018 88.5%

Students staying in education / employment for 2+ terms after 16-18 study

90% DfE Performance Tables January 2018 89%

UK Higher Education for at least 2 terms after 16-18 study

75% DfE Performance Tables January 2018 51%

Top third Higher Education institutions

32% DfE Performance Tables January 2018 18%

Russell Group Higher Education Institutions

17% DfE Performance Tables January 2018 12%


*** Destinations are based on the most recent published information (for academic year 2014 - 2015)


Key Stage 4: Results 2017

We are very pleased again with the fantastic performance of so many of our young people who today received their GCSE grades reflecting 5 years of hard work and dedication by themselves and our dedicated staff body.  We were particularly delighted at the high number of the top grades, 7-9 in a year which has seen such changes with more rigorous course content. Our Progress 8 is placing the school once again 'Above Average' at 0.22. We have met the Fisher Family Trust target to be in the top 5-20% of schools in the country for our 9-5 “strong pass” grades in English and Maths. Please click here for a useful letter from the SSAT regarding GCSE grades in all schools nationally for 2017.

  HEHS 2017




Overall Progress 8 0.22 - Above Average 0
English and Maths Grade 4+ - 59% 63.9%
English and Maths Grade 5+ - 41% 39.6%
English Grades 9 - 4 (A*- C) – 80% 75.5%
Maths Grades 9 - 4 (A*- C) – 63% 69.2%
English Grades 9 - 7 (A*- A) – 21%  
Maths Grades 9 - 7 (A*- A) – 20%  
Overall Attainment 8 45 44.6
Attainment 8 Average Grade C C
Students achieving EBAC - standard pass 31% 23.7%
Students achieving EBAC - strong pass 28% 19.7%
Students entered for EBAC 67% 35%
Staying in education or entering employment1 95% 94%

1 Based on the most recent published information (for 2015 Leavers)

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