We have always prided ourselves on ensuring our assessment system is robust and fit for purpose, allowing scrupulous tracking of student progress.  Our systems are extremely refined, designed to identify any actual or potential underperformance quickly with rapid intervention then put into place to close any gaps in learning.

We have an assessment system that, up to the point of public examinations, focuses on which specific elements of the curriculum an individual has deeply understood (mastered) and which they have not. It;

  • is based on developing the key knowledge, skills and understanding required for success across all year groups 7 to 13 
  • recognises that our curriculum is in effect "the progression model"
  • is based upon high expected standards for all our students
  • is based heavily upon formative feedback and subsequent student response which allows all to succeed – and so develops growth mindset
  • incorporates periodic summative assessment to support ongoing formative feedback and prepare effectively for terminal linear examinations

All  year groups are assessed using a tracking back system from an ambitious GCSE target grade, in addition to regular and formative assesment during the delivery of each curriculum topic.

In Years 7 - 8, students will be assessed according to the following criteria;

  • Well Above = achieving well above expectations relative to target grades
  • At Expected = achieving as expected relative to target grades
  • Just Below = achieving just below expectations relative to target grades
  • Well Below = achieving well below expectations relative to target grades

In Years 9 - 11, the same principles will apply as above – however students’ work will frequently be assessed against specific examination questions for the subject and GCSE grades will be regularly used. The same principles apply in Years 12 & 13.

We will continue to enhance the assessment system further with all subjects conducting formal assessments of Spelling Punctuation and Grammar in addition to their subject specific assessments.  We hope this will provide a clear and formal mechanism for promoting the critical importance of Literacy in every area.

In addition to the new assessment system, the school also uses Cognitive Ability Tests, Reading Assessments and a battery of specific tests for identifying special educational needs to ensure we gain as holistic a picture of a child’s needs as possible (please refer to our Local Special Educational Needs Offer for more information).

Assessment Policy

Curriculum and Assessment Reform

We have now fully commenced all of the reforms to Curriculum & Assessment which came into place from September 2015. 

Please see below for relevant document relating to the new assessment system at GCSE.

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