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Remote Learning

Our Remote Distance Learning Plan describes how we want to ensure our school Ethos – WE CARE, continues even when the school is closed. Our school building may be closed but learning is not. 

The school ethos is WE CARE:  it’s foci on “ambition” and “co-operation” are designed to reflect the everyday learning experiences in classrooms, and the commitment students need to have to succeed. We aim to reflect this as much as possible in our remote learning plan. It is designed to be an inclusive plan that recognises technology has a key role but understands that not everyone has access to the Internet or their own laptop or tablet all the time.  As a result, we will try to make where possible and in advance, 'paper only' resources available. 

Where possible, students are asked to follow their usual timetable and access their learning resources through Show My Homework.  This will be the key “diary”.  Following their usual timetable provides a structure to the day and helps to ensure an even amount of time is dedicated to each subject as it would be if students were present at school. Teachers will upload all learning activities for the day by 8.30am on the day of the lesson. Some may be available in advance of this.  Students must email their tutor (see list linked below) every day to say what lessons they have completed, and they will be contacted back if there are any issues.

We recognise that students will respond in different ways to this new working arrangement. Many will take to it very smoothly. However, those who find independent work difficult will find this challenging and need more support. Our tips and FAQs are designed to help all families during these trying times. The FAQs include additional ways to contact the school should the need arise.


FAQs for Parents

Where is my child's work?

Show My Homework (SMHW) is the main ‘diary’ of all work set by teachers, so students should log on every morning to check their learning for the day.  The task explanation will be on SMHW but there will also be links to SharePoint where all the resources will be stored and other online platforms as appropriate.


My child is not sure how to use SMHW, what can I do to help?

Students have been given lots of guidance about how to use SMHW and other on-line platforms.  However, here’s a video reminder for students. There’s also a video that parents or carers can watch. It’s also really handy to keep the app on your phone; you can easily find it on Googleplay or the Apple App Store.


My child can't login to Show My Homework. What should I do?

We closely monitored SMHW in February and March and sent login reminders to those who had not logged in as frequently as we would like. Families also have logins, as well as students, so please check your emails for guidance about how to log in.  If this continues to be an issue, please email


What if my child cannot log onto the Online Platforms? 

Linked below is a document which lists all the online platforms each department currently uses in the school.  The document has simple instructions on how to access the sites.  If there is still a problem, please email


What additional revision materials are there for GCSE students? 

Revision packs are available on SharePoint for GCSE students sitting exams this year.  These packs contain links to additional websites as well as past papers and mark schemes. 


What is SharePoint and how will it be used?

All the resources students need for learning will be stored on SharePoint and every department has their own SharePoint site.  To get to SharePoint click the ‘VLE’ button on the school website homepage, next to the 'SMHW' button. Log in using your school email address and password.  Your email address is your

Once you are on the front page you can select a subject and then select the ‘Student Resources’ tab on the left-hand side of the screen.


How can documents be opened and saved on SharePoint?

Click on a document in SharePoint to open it in an online app for editing. You don’t need Microsoft Office installed on your computer to edit or create documents.  Documents that you edit can be saved back to your OneDrive once you are finished by opening the ‘File’ menu and choosing ‘Save a Copy’.  Here is a tutorial on how to use SharePoint and OneDrive to manage your documents.  

When will my child's learning activities be available?

Rather than setting work for a one-hour lesson, teachers will probably set work for the week ahead, so students will need to learn to manage their time well during the day.  Work is therefore likely to be set in advance, but all teachers will be aiming to have lesson activities uploaded to SMHW and ready for students by 8.30am every day at the latest.

Where should my child complete the learning activity?

This will vary for each subject and each task. Instructions will be in the lesson activities and all work should be completed online. 

However, if this is difficult, students can do it on paper or in their exercise book.


My child does not understand what to do. How can they get help?

Teachers will be using school email addresses to keep in touch with classes. 

Students should make sure that they use their school emails if they want to contact their teacher.  Teachers won’t reply to student’s personal email address.  Teachers and other staff will be communicating regularly with you over any period of school closure.


How do I get in contact with someone if I have a question?

All staff emails are linked below in a variety of groupings for easier access. 

Please respect wherever possible the school’s working hours when sending emails.  If an email is sent out of hours, it will almost certainly not be opened and responded to until working hours resume.

Please be mindful that online learning is a significant change for teachers as well as students. We will all adapt as quickly as possible, but the more enquiries we receive, the longer it will take to respond to them. If your enquiry is essential, please don't hesitate to contact us. If it is not urgent and it can wait until we reopen, this would be even better.

  • If you need to contact one of your child's teachers, you can email the teacher directly using the contact details which can be found below.
  • If you have a general 'year group' question, please email your child's HOY on the link below.
    If it is a different urgent enquiry, please email the most appropriate member of SLT.
  • Please only use one contact address at a time. Sending a message to several addresses at once is likely to slow our response rather than speed it up.


I have a safeguarding issue that I would usually discuss with school. What can I do?

You can contact the school’s Safeguarding Team on or on  07713 073245 and one of the Safeguarding team (Ms Cozens, Ms Banfield, Mr Firth or Ms Dunford) will contact you to discuss and offer support. 

Should you have an emergency, you should contact Children’s Services direct on 020 8901 2690 to discuss with a social worker. 

The Safeguarding Team will be in contact with Children’s Services and will continue to support your child if such support is already in place and is required.


My child usually sees the school counsellor. What happens now?

Mrs Lowton will be available on her usual working days – Wednesday and Thursday – via email and if appropriate will make telephone contact with your child to see how they are.


My child has a Learning Mentor. Will they have any contact while school is closed?

Ms Banfield and Ms Lynsey will be making contact with their mentees via email to check on their progress and wellbeing at regular intervals.  They are available on and


How will SEN / HIP / EAL support operate now?

TAs and Communicators will work alongside teachers to provide resources for the students they would normally be supporting in class and these resources will be available alongside all other work on SMHW etc.


SEN / HIP / EAL students will be allocated a Key Worker from the team of TAs and Communicators who will then regularly contact students via email every other day to ensure they are accessing work and to support them however they can. TAs and Communicators will contact their students on Day 1 of closure to set up this contact.


For all of the above, please also ‘cc’ in Ms Cozens on


My child is eligible for Free School Meals. Can you help?

Governors have approved our plan to provide the daily meal allowance directly to families.  We have sent forms to all families affected. 

Please click here for a copy of the form. 

Complete the form with your bank details and return to

Can my child come back to school to collect books while we are closed?

Not at the moment. Schools have been closed to create 'social distancing' for everyone's protection. If this changes, we will let you know.

When will you reopen?

We are in frequent contact with the Local Authority and Health Officials. We will share reopening plans on our website as advice becomes available. We very much look forward to having everyone back with us as soon as possible.


Other useful tips for Parents and Students

  • Establish routines and expectations: start times, breaks and lunch at school are at clear times. Maintaining this routine can help maintain a positive work ethic. Avoid spending the day in your pyjamas!
  • Identify a clear physical space in which to work: this will make it easier to focus on your learning, without other distractions.
  • Talk about the plan for the day, and the lessons ahead: spending extended time working at home is unfamiliar territory. Talking about how things are going can help pre-empt any problems.
  • Set times to be on and off line: There will be more screen time than normal whilst working at home. You may have to share devices with family members, and setting time limits in advance can help manage this successfully. Equally, spending time off line is important to maintain a sense of balance in the day.
  • Remember to exercise: Your wellbeing is enhanced by physical activity, so do make time for this. The PE team have planned some excellent activities. This can really help if you are feeling anxious, which is completely normal whilst you are working from home.
  • Talk about things on your mind: it will be a big adjustment working from home every day. Talk about how things are going. The international situation is highly changeable. It is normal to feel uncertainty about this too. Be conscious of how much of the news you watch and talk about what you are watching. Read a book: Escape, relax, unwind. Look after yourself.



  • Please discuss e-safety with child/ren before they start our online learning programme.  Our resources to help you do this and are all available on our website. 


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