What we can do to help! By Eidi Hibro

In the last year, 1 in 5 teens have been affected by mental illnesses globally. 

It has been re-iterated time and time again how crucial it is that we point this issue out to the younger generations why you should be aware of the signs you can use to identify mental illnesses in their early stages.  

  1. Anxiety  

Do you have that one friend that finds it hard to concentrate, is very restless or is having constant headaches? These are potential indicators of early mental illnesses.  

  1. Feeling down / Feeling depressed very often 

Lack of interest in this that a friend or sibling may have felt very strongly about previously then a sudden transition are pointers towards getting friends or family to see some professional help. This is quite similar to when you would describe someone as not being themselves so do be aware of this. 

  1. Sleeping Problems 

They are very common among teenagers whether they be just because they are on snapchat until 1 in the morning or it is medical. However, this is very important because it is one of the reasons teens and young people are so susceptible to mental illnesses because it causes your mind to deteriorate. Apps like headspace and doing 10 minutes of meditating each day has a huge impact upon your lifestyle and sleep productivity. 

  1. Weight and Appetite Change  

Changes in weight and appetite and very important factors, not only because they allow you to identify why many be dealing with mental issues whether it is excessive stress but because it has a physical impact on you which can have a very dangerous physical impact on you. 

Where can you go? 

Child line offers a great range of services to help you should you find it necessary that allow you to contact them. Overnight they launched a new app called “For me” (picture to the left) which provides a large range of support. 

But there are other alternatives as well. A mere google search will allow you to find other services to use. 

The app is simple, intuitive and very ergonomic.  

Remember the signs! 

Always be on the lookout.