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Praise / Rewards

The system at Hatch End High School

Praise and Rewards are one of the fundamental ways we demonstrate that we CARE. We set out to encourage a sense of belonging, community and ownership. The school is continually developing and extending a range of events and activities which will encourage that sense of belonging. We CARE about embedding intrinsic motivation in all of our students and actively promote a growth mind-set. In addition, rewards will be given in as many areas of school life as possible (so they are accessible for all students) and form a continuous process throughout the school year. Rewards are applied by teachers but are triggered by students.

Rewards may also vary over the academic year according to on-going review and research.  The school will also apply a range of different rewards over the year according to how it feels outstanding behaviour, effort and academic achievement should be acknowledged.

What do we give Praises for? 

Students are automatically awarded a Praise if they gain a ‘1’ in a lesson for positively engaging in the lesson (see Points per Lesson information) but they also earn Praises for doing something above the normal expectation – e.g. an outstanding piece of homework.

We monitor that no group of students are over or under represented in our allocation of Praises.

The following rewards are presented:

Award Praises required Action taken
Bronze 75
  • Certificate presented in tutor time.
  • Badge awarded to be worn on blazer/jumper.
  • Text/postcard sent home.


  • Certificate presented in tutor time.
  • Badge awarded to be worn on blazer/jumper.
  • Text/postcard sent home.
  • Invite to reward trip(s).
Gold 300
  • Certificate presented in assembly.
  • Badge awarded in assembly to be worn on blazer/jumper.
  • Text/post card sent home.
  • Name published on website.
  • Priority invite to reward trip(s).
Subject Tokens Each subject teacher holds subject tokens, mini cards attached to each subject area, awarded for exceptional effort or achievement, such as superb contribution to a lesson etc. Each lesson, each subject teacher has the opportunity to award a single token to a deserving student. Students are encouraged to collect a full set of tokens.
Headteacher's Certificates/Letters of Recognition

Awarded for a range of achievements:

  • Being in the top ten list of students gaining the highest number of “1s” in lessons over a term.
  • Supporting a school event – showing responsibility.
  • Outstanding contribution to the local community or school life.
  • Representing the school at a local/national level.
  • Enthusiastic participation in enrichment activities.
  • Awarded to the students in each year group with the most praises at the end of the year (including lesson code 1s and other praises).
  • Certificates presented in annual awards assembly and other assemblies.
  • Formal letter sent home.
  • Badge awarded to be worn on blazer/jumper.
  • Name published on website.
  • Priority invite to reward trip(s).

Reward assemblies are held in December and March by Year group and in a series of formal ceremonies in the Summer Term.

Some students will get more – deservedly – some will get less, but all staff will endeavour to award Praises consistently every day.