January 2022 School Arrangements

Please find below the current arrangements which are regularly updated.

We feel that many of the measures we have introduced since September 2020 have worked really well in terms of how we organise the school day, and we plan therefore to be keeping some of them, however there are some changes since September 2021:

1) Face coverings - We will still be enforcing face coverings both in classrooms and around the school and will continue to take advice from PHE and the DfE if any local outbreaks occur.

2) Lateral Flow Testing:  we urge you to continue with lateral flow testing at least twice a week and if a family contact has Covid a student should do lateral flow tests daily.

3) Vaccinations:  We strongly recommend and encourage all students, over the age of 12, to take advantage of the Covid Vaccination Programme and get two vaccines.

4) Shape of Day – we will be keeping the staggered breaks during the day,  until the February half term when we will review and we hope return to just two breaks per day at the same time for all students.   However we have now moved tutor period for all year groups to begin at 8.40am and slightly changed leaving times. Please view the timetable below. 

5) Zones - We will keep zones during breaks for different year groups.

6) PE – we are continuing continue to introduce more extra-curricular and borough matches with other schools.  

7) Hygiene - We will be keeping a strong focus on personal hygiene and the use of sanitisers.

8) Ventilation - Windows will be kept open in all classrooms to ensure adequate ventilation.


New timetable of the day

Jan 2022 timtable


As per our uniform policy students in Years 7-11 should wear a plain matt white shirt with collar, this must be tucked in with the top button done up with their year group tie at all times. Either plain matt black trousers, tailored, regular fit (no denim or jeans style) or plain matt black, knee length pleated or A-line skirts. Longer skirts can be worn for religious reasons. Students in Years 7 and 8 should wear their school jumper, tank top or cardigan and students in Years 9-11 will wear a school blazer. Shoes should be plain black leather shoes (no casuals, fabric canvas, trainers, air forces, pumps, high heels, boots, coloured laces or coloured stitching).  Plain socks, tights and belts should be worn, and students’ coats should be suitable for school, they will be removed in class (no leather, suede, denim, hoodies, sweatshirts, or sports tops). Jewellery, hair and make-up should be appropriate for school.

Our PE kit comprises of our red polo shirt, shorts or tracksuit bottoms and optional sweatshirt (all of which should have the Hatch End PE logo on them), sports socks and appropriate footwear for the sport being taught. 

Mobile phones should be turned off and kept out of site at school and air pods/headphones, etc., need to be removed at the school gate. If these are seen in school, they will be confiscated and locked away until the end of the half term.

We would like to thank parents and carers for supporting us in our pursuit of instilling our students with a sense of pride in their appearance.  When students respect the school’s uniform policy and set themselves high standards, these link to our core values of Respect and Excellence. 

For the full uniform requirements, including more details on our expectations around jewellery and make-up please click here.



We understand that attendance has been a challenge for some students over the last 18 months.  However, we are expecting full attendance and students will no longer have to self-isolate if they are a close contact of a positive case.  We have updated you at the beginning of the academic year with our procedures for monitoring absence and involving the local authority where necessary. In the meantime, please read below carefully:

School attendance - Why should my child attend regularly?

Good school attendance gives your child the best opportunity for success and helps develop valuable skills for life. Your child should attend school every day, unless there is an unavoidable reason.

Missing school damages a child’s learning and lowers their chances of achieving a good set of exam grades. Missing school regularly could affect your child’s chances in life, for example, their ability to get into further education (university/college/apprenticeship) or be accepted into a job role of their choice.

You have a legal duty to ensure that your child attends school, on time, every day. 


Remote Learning

Click here to go to our 'Remote Learning' page. Please note that details on this page will be updated accordingly in line with government guidelines.