Differentiation & Personalisation

The school seeks to ensure that its curriculum is delivered via well planned and engaging lessons which challenge all students whatever their ability or starting point.

The school is flexible in its approach to grouping students by aptitude, believing one size does not fit all. We believe that mixed ability grouping enables our core value of ambition to be fully realised with all students encouraged to aspire to the highest grade. Mathematics and Science operate a form of flexible grouping to ensure effective preparation for different examination tiers. A student's “group” is never – “static” and their progress will be reviewed every half term and if necessary, movement to a more appropriate group will take place.

If we feel any student is falling behind or requires more specialist provision we put in place rigorous interventions which may be classroom based or exist at other times in the school day/after school or at weekends/holidays. Our Special Educational Needs policy and Local Offer sets out our approach to meeting more complex needs and we have a full department of English as an Additional Language specialists providing support for students who may be at an early stage of English Language learning.

The school also has its own Alternative Provision Base – The Cedar Room - whereby some students whom we believe may benefit from a more personalised bespoke part time timetable will be accommodated.

These timetables will involve GCSEs in core subjects with 1-1 support and also incorporate other academic courses as appropriate. In addition, some students will be placed on alternate provision at the Jubilee Academy, the Harrow Academy's own free school for bespoke provision.