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Performing Arts is taught in Years 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. It is a vocational course and is assessed in an ongoing manner. All of the work is presented practically, i.e. in performance, or in portfolios. The subjects covered not only allow students to develop their performing skills in music, dance and acting, but also to really understand the processes in production, from lighting to finance. Students will experience working in the real world of Performing Arts, in a host of different settings!

The following facilities are available to aid learning: Purpose built Theatre - The "Round House", including changing areas, front of house areas, and lighting and sound desks; 2 purpose built drama studios; Shared use of Music Technology / teaching rooms Access to a large Theatre Space "The Great Hall" with full lighting and sound rigging, wings, changing areas and front of house / audience facilities.

Please click below for the full Curriculum Maps and other useful information.

Performing Arts Curriculum Narrative and Map

For full details of the structure and content, please refer to the Performing Arts Curriculum Narrative and Map.

Staff Contacts




Mrs H Firth

Head of Arts Faculty / Head of Department

Miss C Woods



In addition to performances for curriculum, there are many opportunities for children to be involved in the arts outside of the classroom. The Hatch End High School Production Society offers a large scale musical production every year, with arts days and community project throughout the year. These have included performances for the Royal National Institute of Blind People Sunshine School Christmas Concert, Northwood; Workshops for infant and junior schools in many strains of the Arts. Music, dance and drama clubs also run in conjunction with the department ethos. It is possible for students to receive small group instrumental lessons to further enhance their learning, and workshops by visiting lecturers / groups enable students to experience working in a truly vocational way. Students are encouraged to visit the theatre and to experience live performances in a wide range of genres.