A Blast from the past - 3310 by Kazim Year 8

Picture2During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from 27th February to 2nd March, Nokia made an appearance with one of their new phones to excite every fan! They reintroduced the Nokia 3310 in different, vibrant colours. The new phone will be priced at an outstandingly low £41.51 with incredible and unique features. The Nokia will bring lots of its fans back with this nostalgic entry, as well as some teenagers who will get to try out this phone to say if it is worth the money.

Prior Nokia owner Jack told Interviewer Kazim that he used the Nokia "until the year 2015". He also stated that if he could go back to retro Nokia he would "go for it". Later he added that it was "quite handy and very portable with its tiny size". Jack finished by saying that Nokia phones are "well known products". Another student who was interviewed said that the new phones presented were quite intriguing and retro in their style.

The feature phone has been designed as nostalgic but not essential. Nokia knows this as they have made it a bridge from the high-tech IOS and Android to the 'Brick Phones' and made an in-between. The phone, however, only records and takes photos with a 2-megapixel single camera. The phone has a pre-installed version of Snake, redefined for the new phone with a limited number of apps compared to Android and IOS. The battery life for the phone is a WOW with it having a whole month in standby or 22 hours call time. The phone comes with basic essentials and with the generic Nokia operating system of the S30+.

Overall, this phone has a good future with its affordable price rate and features seen in high-tech phones. The pros out-way the cons and Nokia has made a smart move in planning to release this phone.