Year 11

As a Head of Year, leading a team of Tutors and Year Team Assistants, we aim to teach our students to take responsibility. We encourage our students to develop a strong moral code and make informed judgements about what is right and wrong. Under our WE CARE ethos, we actively encourage respect and good behaviour and promote the importance of caring for others. Students are expected to play their part in our community and take pride in their own and other students’ achievements.

Students are made to feel welcome and safe and know that their problems are listened to and dealt with. They are taught the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through a series of assemblies, tutor group sessions and a PSHE programme, which helps students to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to live confident, healthy, independent lives, achieve well and contribute to society.

Routines are critical and we seek to promote excellence in all aspects of school life, including having high aspirations, excellent attendance and punctuality, and becoming resilient.

As a Head of Year, my team and I also recognise the importance of open communication between staff, students and parent/carers and are always ready to listen.

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Welcome to Year 11 - Mr B D'Rozario

What Year 11 already?

Yes indeed it’s the big one and time for you to pull out all the stops if you are going to do yourself justice in the GCSE exams this summer!

This means lots of hard work ahead.

You need to start the year focused on achieving your best. Get yourself organised from Day 1. It’s time to start your revision timetable and plan your evening school work on a daily basis. Make sure you know the dates of all your assessments and exams. Which exam board are you following? Have you got revision guides for each subject? Have you downloaded past exam papers? When is the intervention session for each subject?

As you know there are no second chances anymore in exams, no retakes; you need to get things right first time as it counts!

There will be plenty of support for you from your teachers throughout the year. Ask them how you can achieve and exceed your targets!

Give yourself an advantage, those of you with high attendance and punctuality are more likely to do well in exams.

A well-rounded student should also take the time to enjoy some enrichment activities. This will also make you a stand out candidate as you complete application forms for Year 12 courses and beyond.

I know this is going to be a great year for you. Adopt a positive attitude, enjoy your learning, aim high, be resilient and have fun on your journey.

Wishing you all the best for a successful GCSE year.

Mr. D’Rozario

Head of Year: Mr B D'Rozario

Year Team Assistants: Miss M Cleary

Assistant Head Teacher: Mrs N Harvey

Contact details: 020 8428 4330

Tutor Tutor Group Room
Miss R Power 11RPO 70
Mr R Parsonage 11RPA 7
Miss A Lyons 11ALY 52
Mrs H Firth/ Mr T Imiere 11HFI 34
Mrs N Bhagwat 11NBH 58
Mr I Pegnolato 11IPR M16
Miss S Patel 11SPA J14
Mr M Williams 11MWI 25
Mrs M Porter 11MPO 42