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Yousef Anis

Yousef Anis


Destination: University College London

Subject: Engineering and Business Finance

Date of Leaving Hatch End High School: July 2013


I left Hatch End High School after the 2012/13 academic year and I have just completed my first year of Engineering with Business Finance at UCL. The programme is very challenging and has given me a good foundation and appreciation of both Mechanical Engineering and Economics.

It would be untruthful to say that any engineering degree is enjoyable but I can say that it has opened my eyes to further look at things insightfully "from different perspectives". There have been so many "enjoyable" moments during my first year, from staying up ‘til late at night to finish course-work and projects in time for deadlines, to self-teaching EVERYTHING. However, the best part of the last year was the Sports Day World Cup event that our department organised, where our team gave away a 2-0 lead to lose on penalties in the semi-finals against the second years!

University can be stressful at times but it is also good fun, so my advice to the next wave of students is to manage their time well and to make full use of their teachers. At university, you get lecturers who don't teach you, they lecture you. Teachers care for you and give you a break-down of what you need to do to improve, but lecturers simply have too much on their schedules to make sure you understand. Learn to manage your time efficiently, make full use of your teachers and work hard! It will definitely pay off.