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Aarthie Thayanantha

Aarthie Thayanantha


Destination: University of Greenwich

Subject: Accounting and Finance

Date of Leaving Hatch End High School: July 2013


After leaving Hatch End High School in 2013, I entered University of Greenwich. Upon completing my first year in Accounting & Finance, I have started my summer internship in an accounting firm. Apart from my studies in university, I engage in many activities to develop my inter-personal skills.

I will be always thankful to all my teachers for supporting me to reach this point in my life. Even though I spent only a few years in Hatch End High School, I will never forget the encouragement and advice from my teachers.

From my experiences I realise that if we try hard, nothing is impossible. Work hard to reach your goals. I wish all the very best for current Sixth Form students with their higher studies.