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Roland Amoah

Roland Amoah


Destination: Newscastle University

Subject: Medicine

Date of Leaving Hatch End High School: July 2014



Roland won a national prize for his performance in the recent Salters Horners Advanced Physics examination. Roland will collect his award at the Salters’ Institute Annual Awards on Thursday, 20 November 2014.

After leaving Hatch End High School in 2014, I began studying Medicine at Newcastle University. I will commence my second year shortly. My University experience till now has been enlightening. By working with a wide range of students and lecturers, I have been exposed to many ideas and modes of thinking, all of which aid personal development. Additionally, I have been blessed to interact with patients over short and long time periods, giving me fascinating insights into the concerns and expectations ill people have.

Before coming to University, I heard various rumours about assessments, including the idea that the “first year exams don’t count”. Therefore, I was mildly surprised to learn that test results from every academic year contribute toward my final degree classification, which in turn directly influences my chances of getting jobs in certain geographic locations. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year in Newcastle and I anticipate having an even better second year.