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School Arrangements from September 2020

We are delighted to have been open since September 2020. Please find below the current arrangements which are regularly updated.


Click here to view an important document, issued by the government, which provides a useful guidance for parents on Coronavirus. 

Schools, as expected, have needed to put in place a range of protective measures to minimise risk.  The school needs to emphasise that whilst risk can never be wholly eliminated, we are consistently vigilant to identifying any new risks and threats to Health and Safety. 

Please click here to view our full Risk Assessment. 

We are offering the full national curriculum as we have always done, but we are also conscious that many pupils will be feeling insecure about coming back to school especially if they feel they are behind in their work.

Over the year, we will be putting in place a wide range of “recovery” actions and interventions to ensure this is not the case.  We will also be here to support parents as we appreciate you may have also had an extremely difficult time over the last few months. 

However, the school will need to operate very differently as per the government and public health guidance and we must ask for your full co-operation with this. 


New timetable of the day

We have changed our timetable to enable staggered entries and exits.

Tt 2020 september v2To download a copy of this timetable please click here

Schools are expected to deliver provision in “year group bubbles” – this essentially means that students must not mix with anyone from other year groups even at breaks.

As a result, we have put in a new staggered day which sets out when different year groups start and finish school. We appreciate this may be difficult for siblings.

Please appreciate this measure is in place to prevent whole school closures if there are confirmed cases in any particular year group with instead only one year group having to isolate in such circumstance.​

Years 7 and 8 will be taught in their tutor groups for 90% of their timetable excluding Design and Technology and PE.  Key Stage 4 will operate in a full year bubble to ensure breadth of curriculum and option choices.

Students will only be allowed on site for their allocated start time of either 8.40 or 9.00 a.m. (and no earlier than 8.30/8.50 respectively).

We will unfortunately not be able to operate our usual facility of the early opening of the library and canteen.

Lessons will run as normal with some adaptations for practical subjects.  However, there will be strict seating plans and students will need to sit facing forwards in the classrooms where possible. They will not be allowed to breach a 2-metre distance from their teacher who will be teaching from the front.

Students must bring in their own equipment as sharing will not be allowed. Equipment should include: pens, (including a green pen)  pencils, sharpener, glue stick, ruler, geometry set, scientific calculator and eraser.

Main corridors have changed from their current two-way system to one-way. Appropriate signage, both on the walls and floors, have been put up explaining this to the students.


Arriving & Leaving the school site

We appreciate that some students need to use public transport and we will try to prioritise them in queueing for the buses at the end of the school day. 

We need to warn you that public transport will be restricted and that buses simply will not stop if there are too many students at the bus stop. 

However - it is completely acceptable for students to walk to school if the journey is around 30 - 40 minutes. 

The school also has ample bicycle storage. 


Behaviour in school

We fully appreciate that students will find some of the measure above challenging.  We will be as supportive as we possibly can be in the transition period – however, we cannot compromise on health and safety and as a result the behaviour policy will be amended to take account of these changes and persistent breaches will lead to students being sanctioned in line with the new policy.   

This document has been sent to all parents. If you would like to download a copy then please click here.



Students must wear full school uniform. If any parents are experiencing difficulties with purchasing please let us know and we will try to support.

As Harrow was recently placed into local restrictions and the country is now in national lockdown – face coverings/masks are now compulsory in all indoor communal areas and, as an added precaution, we have also decided in classrooms; this is in addition to students wearing a mask when travelling on public transport. We are of course sensitive to any medical exemptions which should be communicated to the HOY or Year Team Assistant. We would also recommend that any face covering worn in school is different to the one worn on public transport.

Face coverings must be either disposed of  according to health and safety guidance which will be explained at the beginning of term and displayed on posters, or, if reusable be stored in the student’s own plastic bag inside their school bag when not used.

Students must come to school in their PE kit on days that they have PE lessons as there will be no changing facilities available. Student who are not in the correct PE kit will be sent home to change.

For full details and information please click here.   


Break times

Break times will be staggered with different year groups at different times and they will only be allowed in certain areas of the school including one dining area plus one section of outdoor space.

The library will be open on year group rotation.

We are asking that where possible you ask your child to bring in a packed lunch as although the canteens will be serving some food, it will not be the usual range and we need to avoid queueing where we can.



Any student can use the toilet at lesson changeover or at breaktime. All toilets will remain open to encourage handwashing and hygiene as often as possible. Only students with a medical pass/note will be allowed to use the Medical Room toilets as these will be prioritised for those students who are unwell during the school day. 


Attendance and Absences

If you or anyone in your household has any of the 3 COVID-19 symptoms, your child must not attend school – in such cases your child will be provided with remote learning.

Please alert the Attendance Officer immediately on

Below is a useful flowchart explain what to do if you suspect your child has COVID-19.

C19 flowchart#

Please click here to view to the full document

Please ensure you read the up to date advice on shielding. Our expectation is that all students will return to school unless they are under the care of a health professional who will advise further.  If this applies to your child please ensure you let us know the contact details for the health professional via Ms Cozens on


Safety Measures

In terms of enhanced safety measures, the following has been put into place:

  • Enhanced cleaning across the school site.
  • Requirement that all staff and students/parents take part in the “Track and Trace” system.  For more information see the government guidance.  All students and staff will be eligible for testing and it is vital that this is taken advantage of in order to manage this virus and minimise disruption to the school.
  • School trips will not be able to take place for the foreseeable future, but we still hope to be able to offer an albeit adapted range of enrichment activities.


Remote Learning

Click here to go to our 'Remote Learning' page. Please note that details on this page will be updated accordingly in line with government guidelines.