COVID Catch Up Funding

(including 16-19 Tuition Fund)

The Government has announced funding to support students to catch up following what has been a period of considerable disruption for every child.  In 2020/21 Hatch End High School received an additional £73,120 to support our students in Years 7 to 11. 

Hatch End High School also received an additional £10,824 to support our Year 12-13 students as part of the 16-19 Tuition Fund. The school has received a futher allocation of £15,449 to continue the 16-19 Tuition Fund into 2021/22.

In order to maximise the impact of our provision, we will be using the Covid-19 Catch Up Funding alongside our Pupil Premium, as well as other funding streams.  

Hatch End High School believes, as difficult as the lockdown has been, all of our students will be able to catch up and achieve success.  

Below are some of the key priorities we will be using the funding to:

  1. Raise the attainment of all pupils to close any gaps created by the Covid-19 school closure.

  2. Close any gaps in knowledge and skills that students may have as a result of the school closure.   

  3. Address low self-esteem and motivation for some students as they return to school life.

  4. Overcome barriers with student-access to remote learning. 

  5. Reduce the attainment gap between particularly vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils and their peers. Please see the Pupil Premium section of the website for full details.   

  6. Train our staff to be fully confident in using our new online cloud-based application – Microsoft Teams.

  7. Ensure our students who self-isolate have access to high quality remote learning.

  8. Supporting 16-19 students who had not already achieved grade 5 or above in GCSE Maths and / or English by the age 16. Whilst our use of the 16-19 Tuition Fund will focus on assisting students to improve their GCSE Maths and GCSE English grades, we will also use the 16-19 Tuition Fund to address key gaps caused by Covid disruption in other courses such as BTEC Nationals and A Levels. 


We will be putting in place some key approaches to ensure that students catch up with any missed learning, these include:

  1. Small group face-to-face interventions, using the National Tutoring Programme.
  2. Out-of-hours academic interventions, which includes Period 6, Saturdays and holiday interventions.
  3. Online academic interventions delivered by internal and external tutors.
  4. Access to technology which enables remote learning to take place, e.g. Chromebooks and WIFI access.
  5. Motivational speakers for students who have found the transition back to school life a challenge.
  6. Additional training to support staff with remote learning, including training on MS Teams.
  7. Equipment to support staff deliver live lessons to students who are self-isolating.
  8. A Teach First Academic Mentor, who provides small group tuition to students in Y7 to 10 who require support with literacy, in order to access all of their subjects.
  9. Revision resources, such as guides and workbooks to support students catch up with missed learning.
  10. Adapting the curriculum, where necessary, to ensure that there is appropriate coverage of content and skills for the specification, embedding key areas that were covered remotely during lockdown.


How we will measure the effect of this expenditure on the educational performance of those pupils targeted?

Where possible, diagnostic tests will be used at the start of each intervention to assess gaps in knowledge and skills (entry tests). At the end of each intervention programme, an exit test will take place where teachers can measure the impact of their intervention. We will also be using our Common Assessment Points (CAPs) to assess impact on educational attainment, in addition to our in-class teacher assessments. 

“Academic and Pastoral Intervention trackers” are set up which measure the rate of improvement on attainment to ensure we are using the funding to have maximum impact.  At the end of the academic year, we will also be reviewing the final exam results to assess the full impact of the expenditure.  

In addition to the support put in place due to Covid-19, Hatch End High School also puts in place a range of other interventions to support our students to increase their performance.  

Click here to view the range of interventions available.  

Click here for a detailed report reviewing the impact of this expenditure for 2020 to 2021, alongside the Pupil Premium Report.

Further information provided by Gov.uk about the Covid-19 Catch Up Premium can be found by clicking here.