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Drama enables students to develop personally and socially as well as academically, and students of all academic abilities find it an accessible and enjoyable subject. Our Schemes of Learning explore various social issues and promote mutual respect, understanding and celebration of cultural diversity.

Please click below for the full Curriculum Maps and other useful information.

Drama Curriculum Narrative and Map

For full details of the structure and content, please refer to the Drama Curriculum Narrative and Map.

Staff Contacts

Staff Name



Mrs H Firth Teacher
Miss M Pearce Teacher
Miss C Woods Teacher


In addition to performances for curriculum, there are many opportunities for children to be involved in the arts outside of the classroom. The Hatch End High School Production Society offers a large scale musical production every year, with arts days and community project throughout the year. The department also offers a drama club once a week for students to get the opportunity to enhance their performance skills and also a technical support activity for students who are interested to work to help support performances. Students are also encouraged to visit the theatre and to experience live performances in a wide range of genres.

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