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Taliya Atukorala

Taliya atukorala


Destination: King's College London

Subject: Organisational Psychiatry and Psychology

Date of Leaving Hatch End High School: July 2014


I graduated this past July with a 2.1 from Nottingham Trent University and I’ve now started my Masters in Organisational Psychiatry and Psychology at King's College London. 

I believe I wouldn't be where I am now without HEHS. They gave me a second chance to retake Year 12 when my former sixth form told me that A Levels and university weren’t a possibility for me. They told me that all I can do is try my best and that Universities look at more than just grades and they were right. I am so thankful and appreciative for all the support I got from my teachers at Hatch End. 

At Hatch End, there is so much care put into each and every student and I am so thankful for that as well as all the help and advice I received. I hope that one day I will be able to provide the same for someone else who needs it as much as I did.