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Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and the human mind. At A-level, we study how people interact, how we change and develop, how we think, and how we decide what is normal. At Hatch End we work towards the AQA A-Level in Psychology qualification. In  years 12 and 13, you develop your ability to think critically and  analytically, further develop both your oral and communication skills and your ability to plan statistically viable experiments. You will sit the AS-level at the end of year 12  and complete the final examinations in year 13. There is no assessed coursework.

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Psychology Curriculum Narrative and Map

For full details of the structure and content, please refer to the Psychology Curriculum Narrative and Map.

Staff Contacts

Staff Name Role             Email                    
Mr P Adams Head of Department
Mr D Robinson Assistant Headteacher



We offer a whole host of enrichment and intervention activities to support learning at Hatch End High School.  These include trips to venues in London such as Body Worlds and the Freud Museum. Students will also be given the opportunity to meet a range of Psychologists including Philip Zimbardo, the architect of the famous Stanford Prison Experiment. Students are also given the opportunity to conduct experiments that they have devised and come to conclusions based on their findings.

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