Supporting the Individual Iqm inclusive school award

At HEHS, we pride ourselves on developing all our young people holistically, which means producing fully rounded, high achieving, emotionally resilient and happy individuals.  Often this results in different outcomes for each child, taking into account their very different but unique needs, traits and personalities.  We value them all equally and whatever progress they make is celebrated!

As a consequence of our outstanding pastoral care, HEHS has received the Inclusion Quality Mark award.  We are thrilled to have been recognised for our commitment to the well-being of our students.

We recognise that everyone needs to be personally challenged throughout their school life and we place great emphasis on tracking individual student progress with half termly assessments.  In addition to the parents’ evenings, we also offer academic monitoring interviews with students and parents to talk through continued strategies for improvement. 

For the gifted and/or talented child, a programme of extension and enrichment opportunities takes place to challenge and stretch in new and imaginative ways. In the classroom, all lessons are differentiated to enable high performers to achieve their very best.  Our Raising Aspirations programme complements and energises our ‘Ambition’ value by providing high quality enrichment activities for all students.

When a student is identified as having a particular learning need, our large and very experienced Special Educational Needs team develop a wide variety of support and interventions to support the individual and allow them to have equal access to the curriculum.

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