Pastoral Interventions

When a tutor recognises there is a problem with a student in their group e.g. attendance dropping, withdrawn, emotional issues - this needs to be discussed with the Head of Year immediately and the student will then be discussed at the Inclusion meetings (Deputy Head teacher - Inclusion, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Head of Year, Year Team Assistants, Mentors etc.). 

Any concerns regarding Child Protection must be reported to Ms Cozens, Ms Banfield, Mrs Hayward or Ms Dunford - Designated Persons for Child Protection.

Various interventions can then be put in place: 

  • Inclusion Team / Cedar Room - is a specific area where more personalised learning, support and appropriate interventions can be put in place for targeted students.
  • Mentoring - a number of staff have a mentoring role and work on such areas as motivation, self-esteem, and organisation with individual students and groups.
  • School counsellor - we have a counsellor operating in the school - Ms R Parashara - students can self refer or refer via their tutor, Year Team Assistant or Head of Year.
  • School Nurse - sees students at our request or at the request of other agencies e.g. Children’s Services - this could be to discuss dietary issues for example.
  • Independent Careers Adviser -  Mrs M Raichura who works in T12 (the Careers Room) 3 days a week interviewing and advising students throughout the year (referral via Mr Richards – Assistant Headteacher/Head of Sixth Form). 

We also access a number of external agencies to support our students:   

  • YOS - Youth Offending Service - offer mentoring service to young people at risk of offending and support for students who have offended.
  • CAMHS - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service - higher level psychological and psychiatric input - referral via GP only.
  • Young Carers in Harrow - a support service for students who are carers.
  • Educational Psychologist 
  • COMPASS - advice and support for young people on drug, alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Anna Freud Centre - mental health provision including early provision/intervention

When appropriate a Pastoral Support Plan (PSP) is set up by Head of Year and Senior Leadership Team member - this is an action plan detailing support for a student to help overcome specific issues (e.g. behaviour, medical, attendance) - this could include modification of timetable, use of the Cedar Room, use of external agencies, etc. - agreed by school, parents, student and agencies. 

A MASH referral form may be completed - this enables us to access other outside agency support for a student and their family eg. Early Intervention Service.

All Children Looked After (LAC) or previously looked after, have a Personal Education Plan (PEP) agreed with school, student, carer and Social Worker - set up by Ms Cozens - Designated Teacher CLA (Children Looked After).