Recognition and Rewards

Recognition and Rewards are one of the fundamental ways we demonstrate that WE CARE. We set out to encourage a sense of belonging, community and ownership. The school is continually developing and extending a range of events and activities which will encourage that sense of belonging.  We CARE about embedding intrinsic motivation in all of our students and actively promote a growth mind-set.  In addition, rewards will be given in as many areas of school life as possible (so they are accessible for all students) and form a continuous process throughout the school year. Rewards are applied by teachers but are triggered by students.

Rewards may also vary over the academic year according to on-going review and research.  The school will also apply a range of different rewards over the year according to how it feels outstanding behaviour, effort and academic achievement should be acknowledged. We monitor that no group of students are over or under-represented in our allocation of rewards.


Hatch End High School Whole School Rewards Programme  

Hatch End High School are delighted to launch our new Whole School Rewards Programme as part of our Whole School Development Plan for 2023/2024. This priority is to create a coherent and motivating Rewards Programme as part of our strive to raise expectations of behaviour to lead to better student progress.    

Rewards will fit into four categories and are outlined below: