Ambition is one of our We CARE values because every student at Hatch End High School is encouraged and supported to set their sights high and broaden their ambitions, regardless of their background or individual circumstances. We understand that ambition requires drive and determination, and we actively teach our students the strategies needed to be successful. 

We promote high aspirations through a diverse range of events, speakers, mentoring, parental engagement initiatives and visits to universities and businesses.  We are excited by our Hatch End Extend Programme starting at KS3 and continuing into the Sixth Form. All staff are involved in supporting students to reach their goals, target setting, encouraging high aspirations and equipping students to succeed. Students are encouraged to set their own ambitious goals but also to develop an awareness of their own obstacles and how they can overcome them.  

Below are some examples of events and initiatives that take place: 

Brilliant Club

Brilliant ClubHatch End High School works with the Brilliant Club, a highly academic but enriching organisation that aims to increase access to the country’s top universities for students who may not have considered applying previously. This is aimed at all years and involves working with PhD tutors on a specific supra-curricular course in either the Science or Humanities’ disciplines. Through regular contact with a university tutor, students complete an extended written assignment on their chosen topic. Students visit Cambridge and other top institutions where they experience campus life and authentic university-style tutorials. In the past, students have written assignments on the workings of miniature robots (bristlebots!), feminist theory in fairy tales, the effects of nutrients on disease. Hatch End High School was the first school in Harrow to take part in the Brilliant Club. 

St John's Inspire Scholars Programme

Inspire ScholarsHatch End High School's Inspire Schools Programme has significantly enriched the academic experience, fostering a genuine love for learning amongst our Year 10 students.

The programme's super-curricular content, stimulating extra-curricular activities, and subject-specific workshops have expanded students' academic horizons and enhanced both academic and non-academic skills. Students had the opportunity to visit Oxford University, which has greatly inspired students, reinforcing the potential for academic excellence. 

The Inspire Schools Programme aims to continue to inspire students with upcoming workshops exciting topics such as DNA testing, Geology and Computer Science. 

Brunel University Trips

Brunel University TripOur Year 7, 8, and 10 students recently enjoyed an enriching trip to Brunel University, delving into university life and potential career paths. The visit provided a first-hand look at campus facilities, diverse academic programs, and meaningful interactions with current students and faculty. During the trip, Year 8 students crafted their own societies, refining skills in presentation and persuasion as they showcased their creations to Brunel peers. Notably, one Year 8 group's poster impressed so much that it will be adopted by Brunel students for their society. 

For Year 10 students, the visit facilitated networking with current undergraduates and postgraduates, offering insights into the pros and cons of university life and exploring various degree options. The experience proved invaluable as they prepare for future studies and careers. Furthermore, the year 7 students had the chance to explore university life early, gaining inspiration for their academic journey. The trip collectively empowered our students with a broader perspective on higher education and potential career paths. 

High Profile Speakers

“The Apprentice “ Winner – Sian Gabbidon was invited to speak to our Year 10 and 12 Business Studies students.  Sian is a British businesswoman, fashion designer and media personality.  Sian spoke about her journey in winning The Apprentice and being a business partner to Lord Sugar.  Her powerful motivational message left our students inspired and focused on their passion to turn ideas into successful businesses.  Furthermore, she spoke about how she needed to acclimatise her original business from swimwear to loungewear fashion due to the pandemic, and being a successful entrepreneur reinvested any profits into properties and shares in well-known companies. 

There are many more over the year which will be advertised accordingly.

Hatch End Extend Programme

The Hatch End Extend Programme is a university preparation programme. The programme aids our students with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to be able to make the most competitive applications to universities to compete with the global educational landscape. This programme combines the academic qualification Extended Project Qualification and bespoke enriching experiences.

Our students come from a wide range of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and we strive for all of our students to be ambitious regardless of the obstacles that might be present due to their backgrounds. This programme specifically aims to bridge some of the obstacles of cultural capital that our students may face.

HEHS Extend ProgrammeHEHS Extend Programme for KS3 

The Extend Programme for KS3, has been designed to offer guidance and support, empowers students to excel academically at Hatch End High School. Aligned with our core purpose of enabling exceptional progress, it combines tailored tuition in core subjects, weekly wellbeing meetings, and targeted workshops and educational trips linked to our supra-curricular activities. This holistic approach aims to broaden horizons and enhance cultural capital, fostering both personal and academic success. 

HEHS Dream Forward Programme for KS3 Dream Forward

The Dream Forward Programme, integral to our vision at Hatch End High School, has been crafted to inspire and elevate our students by fostering self-motivation and discipline. Tailored for those facing challenges in areas like personal development, social skills, or behaviour, this bespoke initiative employs workshops, motivational speakers, personalised weekly goals, and reflection to enhance self-esteem, confidence, and cultivate a robust growth mindset. 


Mr D Rowan-Robinson                                

Assistant Headteacher, Head of KS4