Sixth Form Life

Active Citizenship

Active Citizenship

All Sixth Formers play an active role within the school community.  They are involved in decisions, support younger students inside and outside of lessons at Hatch End High School and in local primary schools as well as engaging in debates and competitions with external organisations.



Stands for:  IN school–VOLunteer-VErification

It is a requirement that every student in the Sixth Form spends at least 1 hour per fortnight volunteering their services in the school.  

Some of the activities the students volunteer to be part of are:

  • Paired reading.
  • Supporting in lower school lessons.
  • Canteen, Library or Gym duties.
  • Sixth Form Council.
  • Supporting lower school tutor groups during tutor time.
  • Mentoring.
  • Peer to Peer.


Sixth Form Council

The Student Leadership Council is run by our Student Presidents (both Year 13 students).  Members of the Sixth Form Council play an active role in the whole school Student Leadership Council, through chairing meetings, writing up minutes as well as reporting to the Governors and Senior Leadership Team. 

The Sixth Form Council also fundraises for an end of year event, for example by providing refreshments at the school show. 


LIBF Certificate in Personal Finance (Level 2)

The Certificate in Personal Finance has been designed for people who are, or who will shortly be, reaching a life stage when they no longer depend on others for their financial provision.

Students gain knowledge about the practical and legal constraints on the sources and uses of money, the methods of organising their money through personal budgeting, the considered use of appropriate bank and building society accounts and the concepts and consequences of overspending or payment default.

Assessment consists of 3 Units with a pass required in all 3 to gain the qualification.

Some students opt to attend additional Personal Finance lessons after school in order to achieve a Level 3 Certificate in Personal Finance, (equivalent to an extra AS Level examination).

Typical Assemblies

Positive Voice (HIV/AIDS Awareness)  

Emma Cole delivers a powerful and personal assembly on sexual health and tackles and dispells many misconceptions and stigmas about HIV/AIDS. 


Drive Safe, Stay Alive (Road Safety Event)

An extremely powerful stage show designed to raise awareness of the importance of road and driver safety. This event is held in the nearby Harrow Arts Centre in Hatch End.


Drugs, Prison;  

Shaun Attwood relives his experiences of making a fortune on the markets, losing it all through drug abuse and drug dealing and then his eight years of prison in the United States.





Extra-Curricular / Supra-Curricular

Extra-curricular activities can empower students to make their own decisions and help them gain vital experiences and skills to assist them in their futures.

Supra-curricular activities enable students to take their learning beyond their specification and classroom, so that they can demonstrate their true passion for learning in a particular field.

There are usually over 2 million UCAS applications made every year. We believe it is vital that students' personal statements for university and cover letter for other apprenticeship or employment applications are enhanced by active participation in their community and in extra-curricular and supra-curricular activities.