Inclusion Quality Mark

Iqm inclusive school award

The Inclusion Quality Mark is a nationally recognised award which, if awarded, acknowledges the exceptional provision made for all students within a school. Following a rigorous two-day assessment from highly experienced experts, Hatch End High School were delighted to be awarded this highly prestigious accolade.   

Essentially it told us what we already knew, i.e. that at HEHS we care for the whole child with exceptional pastoral and emotional support together with a relentless focus of ensuring each young person reaches their potential.  Many schools do not always get this balance right.  Not at HEHS.  Below are just a few quotes and extracts from the report which sum up our ethos and long tradition of strong examination performance. 

“Students come first at Hatch End High School and staff at all levels go to great lengths to help them to thrive in all areas of their lives. The focus on improving the rate of progress of all students is rigorous and carefully planned. ”


“Inclusion is led from the top and it is obvious that the headteacher and the senior team are committed to inclusive policy and practice.”


A number of parents said, “We felt like our child was the only child in the school  - such was the care they were given.”


“Relationships with parents are exceptional.”


“The school is very proud to be part of the wider community and has an open-door approach welcoming the community into the school at every opportunity.”


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IQM Full Report July 2018