Hearing Impaired Provision Team

Hatch End High School is the London Borough of Harrow's additionally resourced provision for Deaf students and those with a hearing loss.  The Provision supports students in Years 7 – 13 who have an Educational Health Care Plan. The students have varying degrees of deafness, from mild to profound, and communication modes (oral, British Sign Language and Sign Supported English). The Hearing Impaired Provision also oversees all students with a diagnosis of hearing impairment/Deaf in school.

The Provision was established in September 1972 to meet the needs of Hearing Impaired students within Harrow.  All admissions are arranged through the Local Education Authority and we work closely with the Local Authority Children's Sensory Team.

The school's aims for all students with a hearing impairment/Deaf are to ensure that they have access to the widest range of educational experience and a relevant curriculum so they can achieve their potential. The students are placed in tutor groups in the same way as all other students in the school but with an Educational Health Care Plan they receive support in both their mainstream curriculum and in developing individual communication /language skills.  Each student’s language, ability and communication needs are taken into consideration when planning individual programmes. 


We aim to develop communication in English, whether spoken, written or signed.The mode of communication is dependent upon the student. The use of British Sign Language enables some students to access the mainstream curriculum, for others it is their first language.


The Teacher of the Deaf attends transitional reviews at Year 6. This may be followed up by additional visits to Primary Schools if required. Year 6 students can then attend Hatch End for a series of visits to build their confidence, in order to achieve a successful transition to Year 7.

At Key Stage 5, support is offered for students writing personal statements and applications for University or work. Some students receive in class support; through note taking and/or sign for access.


Mrs S Ellis: SENDCo andTeacher of the Deaf 

Contact: sellis@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk or 0208 428 9247 or text only 07763420212

Students with a hearing impairment/Deaf span a broad range of academic abilities, talents and personalities and are fully involved in the life of the school. We are proud of their contributions to the life of Hatch End High School.